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Best resolution for TV viewing?

I'm using an AGA Amiga displayed on a TV, and I would like to know what the best resolution to use is. I've been using High-Res Interlaced, but the flicker gets really annoying. High-Res noninterlaced throws off the aspect ratio, and Low-Res has that annoying scrolling feature, plus a lot of prefs programs are impossible to use with it.

Does anyone use a custom screenmode that works really well with Workbench on a TV? I've noticed on systems like the Dreamcast the flicker isn't as bad with their interlace. What gives??
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Interlace flicker is exactly the same on your Amiga and your Dreamcast. The difference is the colours being displayed. Interlace flicker looks most severe with high-contrast images. Change your workbench to soft greys, or turn down the contrast on your TV and it will look better.
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Yeah I know what you mean about using a HIRES amiga on the TV SCREEN, it isn't the best and definately hurts the eyes.

thatguy: would be nice if you could post your results with your new colours. Tracking down a old amiga screen is kinda hard.
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You could use a 100Hz TV, it doesn't flicker at all in interlace mode.
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No special resolutions - you must use laced or hires (non-laced) displays on TVs.

This is why the ClassicWB packages have a hires aspect ratio version (icons & fonts proportioned for TV sets) and square pixel versions (Hires-Interlaced, PC resolutions, Productivity, DBL-PAL/NTSC etc). No other way around this issue.

The square pixel versions also include a utility called "MagicTV" which can be found on Aminet. This allows flicker in interlaced to be reduced significantly in screen modes with =<16 colours using contrast tricks connected with fromwithins post. Give it a go.

Never tried it, but I rather use hires than any interlaced on a normal TV.
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Originally Posted by thomas
You could use a 100Hz TV, it doesn't flicker at all in interlace mode.
Not true, unfortunately. I own a 100Hz TV and interlaced modes aren't flicker-free. It really depends on the TV, only very expensive 100Hz TVs can display interlaced modes without flickering.
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I'll check out that MagicTv program and let everyone know how it turns out. ClassicWB is great, but my flavor is more suited towards OS 3.9, so as long as I don't have any major problems, I'll stick with it.

If I decide to go with the 16 color screenmode, is there some kind of palette that puts everything in greyscale or similar so everything doesn't look like ass? I don't really want to install MagicWB, especially on top of OS3.9, mainly cause I have no idea how their icon stuff is built into that, but also because I like the OS3.9 icons better.
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Well, MagicTV reduced the flicker significantly, although it's still slightly perceptive. I had to reduce my palette to 16 colors, but so far it's not too bad (I was using 32 colors before, and I can hardly tell the difference now). A quirk is that it changes the colors of the mouse pointer to all black.

In the docs, the author said something about working on an improved MagicTV that can display in HAM mode, but he's probably lost interest by now.
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