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What are the essential Amiga Apps?

What Amiga Apps are essential ?

I am not using the world 'essential' as in necessey for the Amiga to run [i.e. Workbench] but in the sense that they are so useful that you couldn't do with out them, or that they form the backbone of your particular set-up. I am especialy interested in ones used on a real Amiga. Consider this thread as an extension of the "what does you real WB desktop look like?"

The first nomination: WHDload

Apart from doing away with the need to play from floppies for any game without a HD option [which is most] the 'fixing' of original bugs and the convienience of quitting to workbench make it indispensable.
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- PPaint 7.1 - the ultimate pixel editor, and I occasionally find myself loading it up in WinUAE when I can't get Paintshop or Photoshop to co-operate.

- OctaMED Sound Studio - the only reason I power my Amiga up these days.

- Dopus Magellan II - how does anyone use an Amiga without it?

- Blitz Basic 2 - need an application? Can't find one that does what you want? Haven't got much time? Write one yourself in Blitz in no time at all.
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Bars and Pipes Pro. The 10th anniversary of the last commercial release was in April this year. It's an incredible piece of software. No other music program is like it.
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Cli-Mate. From 1986 (!), but still a great program.
I never got to Disk Master because I only had the shitty 1.3 version and the 2.x was out of reach (unless I had bought it, but it was very expensive).
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CygnusEd, Even though I'm not a ascii artist, I did fire this tool up lots to write t-files, and to jot down all my notes. Came in very handy.

Especially how you could split the screen into two windows, and edit the same file in two different areas or look at two different areas. And the auto save every 15 min also came in handy.
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MagicMenu! Gotta love its usefulness.

For pixelpushers I'll push forward Deluxe Paint IV AGA. And I use Ppaint as well, both get along very well Ppaint is specially useful for importing and exporting "pc" formats.

Directory Opus 4. I never liked the DOpus 5 Magellan stuff.

And eagleplayer. To play just about any blimmin music format in existance. Amiga syle
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I'd have to agree with Directory Opus (I like Magellan II but whatever version you like, if you use WB then DOpus is essential) and PPaint 7 - I'm still looking for something similar for Windows (I still use if under the emulator occasionally.)

CrossDOS 7.04 to access Windows long file names (although it has a 30 character limit.)

CSh is also pretty good (gives you a unix like shell complete with unix short command aliases (eg. ls rm) and file name completion.
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My essentials;

CygnusEd -If its editing text, reading text, making asciis .. The best..

HippoPlayer - Still tend to use it, easy and nice modplayer ..
EaglePlayer - The same as above

AmiNetRadio - The best Mp3/Shoutcast web radio for amiga .. (very cool gui btw.) ..

Dopus4 - Is also still nice to use ..

Show - good picture viewer ..
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mine are
hex by nicola salmoria for hex editing, wich layout is still better than hexworkshop, even if it has not half of hexworkshop' features
fixdisk, a must to repair, well to try and mostly fail, to repair disks

by the way look this thread: http://eab.abime.net/showthread.php?t=9310
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