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I don't quite believe what has been said I think someone somewhere did say there would be Magic Carpet for Amiga weather they discovered the Amiga just wasn't powerful enough......
it appeared more than one occasion and the publishers back then could have said at the time no this won't be released for Amiga etc

I'd rather see that horrible Resident Evil removed from HOL this is quite misleading.
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Originally Posted by Retro1234 View Post
I don't quite believe what has been said.
You don't believe what the actual people in charge of the game said? Well buddy what can I tell you, you must have a load of trouble in life
Originally Posted by Amigajay View Post
Plus where does HOL draw the line, there are 324 unreleased games on the database, many are just rumours and going on hearsay, either leave Magic Carpet or remove it, but do the same with any other game that has nothing to back up its existence.
I agree! This was mainly my point.

MAYBE it is time for HOL to have an extra category besides Unreleased/MIA, which is "Vaporware" or something, for games that really never existed or for which factual evidence is little or none. Then you can keep all those.

If this was all made by me I would have never included any entry for which verifiable 100% trustworthy data (ie NOT from magazines but straight from the horse's mouth: developers, publishers) was not available for the game, but we're in this boat now and have to do something with reports like that of Magic Carpet.

I don't mind the entry as much as I mind its categorization and inference that it might have existed, boosted by the FAKE screenshots the entry still has today, all based on fake news that spread like wildfire.
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Old 24 April 2018, 11:17   #43
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Aren't cases like these more in the domain of AGTW?
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All games in AGTW are present in HOL, I believe. They are different entities anyway.
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Old 05 May 2018, 22:41   #45
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Here the information and scans of the spanish magazine that i'd talk about , with an interview with developers of megarace and lost eden, announcing their development about Amiga Computers and CD32.

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Keeping thoses HOL entries with a new "Vaporware" banner seems the best way for me
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IMHO, the entry should be kept on HOL and a new category should be established to classify this and any other entries are out there delving in the sphere of non-existence.
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