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Question CD-Audio Music in Games

Hello forumgoers

I've recently rediscovered the Exotica site and I've been listening to a lot of old-school Amiga music. Inspired by this, I've downloaded a lot of CDTV/CD32/AmigaCD ISO files, many of which contain CD-audio tracks. These are named unhelpful things like Track01, Track02, IngameBGM05, etc. Is there any website resource that names what these CD-audio tracks actually relate to in-game (like, Level 1: The Apprentice Binman, Bonus Level: The Flies of Doom)?

If not, would anyone be willing to help fill in the gaps? I can provide lists of what I've managed to work out so far using YouTube and VGM Soundtrack websites, if anyone's interested.

Please ! I feel like I'm .
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I don't know if there's a site devoted to this or not, but suffice to say it's a pretty inexact science. Most CD games never provided titles for their audio tracks, and in lots of cases it's not even clear if the composers bothered to name them. (Quake, for instance, had soundtrack rips floating around file-sharing sites for years with an unofficial set of names until someone finally got the official titles from Trent Reznor, and I don't think Rick Wakeman has ever provided names for his Microcosm soundtrack - it's not even listed on his site.)
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Yeah pretty sure most are just track 1, 2 etc some like Pirates Gold are listed in game as you can play the music in the options.

Edit: thought id remembered a site that converted wav files into mp3, and actually has some tracks with the proper name, take a look.


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Hey both! Thanks for the quick responses. I did kinda assume that many of the CD-audio tunes don't have "official" names, but I do think that "Level 1" or "Cutscene 3" are better than entirely generic terms. Perhaps someone familiar with the CDTV/32/AmiCD games in question might immediately be able to say which track is played where. (I'm actually pretty awful at playing most computer games!)

I followed the link you provided, Amigajay, and while it would have been helpful for some titles, it isn't for the ones I'm looking for.

For the record, the games in question are: Base Jumpers CD32; Brian the Lion CD32; Clockwiser CD32; Dangerous Streets CD32; Fightin' Spirit CD32; Foundation: The Director's Cut AmigaCD; Frog Feast (Demo); The Humans CD32; Kang Fu CD32; Lamborghini: American Challenge CD32; Legends CD32; Mag!!! AmigaCD; Napalm: The Crimson Crisis AmigaCD; Nigel Mansell's World Championship Racing CD32; North Polar Expedition CDTV; Pinball Illusions CD32; Space Wars CDTV; Spirit of Excalibur CDTV; Striker CD32; Super Methane Bros. CD32; Tie Break CDTV; Trolls CD32. I have a few random names such as Title Theme or High Score for these games, but a lot of unknowns. I know some of these contain narration or sound f/x tracks and I've already named them. It's the actual music tracks where I'm stumped.

I've even trawled for longplay videos of these games, but I haven't found anything; or if I have, it's not a version with the CD-audio tracks. So even if someone can point to longplays of the above-listed CD-versions of the games, I'll try to work the tunes' usage out myself.
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Glen M
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A game I'd add to your list is Guardian. I find the CD32 version so much more immersive because of the CD Audio. Have to admit I've never tried to play the CD in a normal CD player so I can only assume there is no track information.
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Alien Breed 3D has all the tracks named. Actually, standalone AB3D OST was released beside the game itself. My favouride is the song named Breed Theory.
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AmigaParadise on YT usually names the songs otherwise if no names are available it's the usual track 1,2 etc.
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Yeah you just gotta play and figure it out.
I've run into this issue when putting some CD soundtracks on YouTube.

How I figure it out: watch a longplay of the game on YouTube and match the tracks, then name the tracks after the level/world/scene/whatever
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@Akira: Yep, I do the same here. Knowing what the music relates to is what I mean by the title. Longplays/walkthroughs have been very useful to me so far. Unfortunately, I'm not aware of any plays-through of the games I listed (versions using the CD audio) so I'm a bit stuck. :-\ I've done as many as I can without asking for help, I was just hoping more knowledgeable folks than myself might know.

@Glen M: It looks like I have knocked together a list of basic track names (descriptors, really) for the soundtrack of Guardian CD32. In case it's vaguely helpful (and in case I've got anything blatantly wrong) here it is, remembering that Track 01 is always the data track.

Track 02: Planet #06
Track 03: Planet #01
Track 04: Planet #02
Track 05: Intro Music
Track 06: Options Menu
Track 07: Level Complete
Track 08: Planet #04
Track 09: High Score Entry
Track 10: High Score Table
Track 11: Planet #03
Track 12: Planet #08

I'm really not sure about Tracks 09 and 10. If the planets have names, that'd be interesting too!
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