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Returning fan!

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Closing current Shell window programmatically?

Hi all!

I wonder if someone would know and could point me to a piece of C code that it a CLI program that closes the Shell window in which it runs programmatically?

I tried something like:

struct Window *win = get_CON_window()
but this piece of code "freezes" all my next Shell windows and generate an unseeable Enforcer hit: any new Shell window is just empty and unresponsive (Most likely because I am not closing all the resources...)

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Have you tried printing an EOF to the console? On the keyboard it is represented by control-backslash.
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try Execute("endcli");
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You need to detach your program from the shell that spawned it before it can close, otherwise the task expects the shell to be there for certain resources (i/o streams, OS messages and signals, current directory etc.), and pulling it out from beneath your program causes bad things to happen as you've found. I don't have any example code I'm afraid, but from memory, you need to spawn a new process with CreateProcess() or something similar (this will be your actual program), and then end your current task (which basically acts as a small launcher), thus freeing up the shell to be closed.

A much simpler option is to just use a little script to launch your program, something like:

Run MyProgram >NIL: <NIL:
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Returning fan!

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Hi all!

Thanks for your suggestions: system("EndCLI"); closes the Shell window while printf("%c", 0x04); does not do anything, maybe I am not using the correct control character?

Anyhow, I realised that closing the Shell could be very annoying so, at the end, I don't think that I should use it

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Closing the CLI should be the responsibility of the user or program which opened it, there is nothing more annoying than a command line program which kills your CLI or script when there are many more commands left to execute afterward.
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