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HxC on CDTV - Selector Not Working

Hi all,

A while back I spent some time bringing an all-original CDTV back to life. After adding a ROM switch for A500/CDTV mode and DB-9 mouse/joystick ports, I gutted an Amiga external floppy enclosure and installed a Gotek flashed with HxC.

This boots fine - the AmigaDOS window appears, followed by the HxC Floppy Emulator Manager.

...but at this point, with the list of files onscreen, nothing works. The keyboard does nothing, although the Capslock LED turns on/off when pressed. I think the keyboard's fine as Ctrl+Amiga+Amiga reboots the machine, and typing whilst AmigaDOS is onscreen works fine.

I'm using the latest Manager version and the latest HxC firmware.

Any ideas?

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A bit of joy... but maybe another problem!

I plugged a Genesis/Mega Drive gamepad into my modded-on DB9 joystick port and there was movement!

However, the movement could not be stopped

With the gamepad connected, the file selector highlight is permanently scrolling upwards. The other buttons on the controller do interrupt the scrolling and the A button appears to work.

So, I suppose the question is: is this likely to be a fault in the gamepad, or my mod? Everything *seems* OK with it otherwise -- mouse works fine, etc.

I'll get a Competition Pro joystick or something off Ebay to check. I'll need it for the Atari Falcon030 once I get around to resuscitating that.
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