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Originally Posted by StingRay View Post
Which parts should that be? I only saw somewhat long-winded code but nothing that looks like compiler output. If you give me the offset for the routines you think are made by a compiler I'll check again.
Yeah you're right, in the fist look its seems to be compiler output on a second look it just looks like bad code assembled together with strange debug? strings packed in one executable :-)
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Could the strange strings be references to self-built libraries and other tools?

Regardless of what language I program in, I usually end up creating my own tools (e.g. image conversion, mouse movement recorder etc.) unless I find someone elses which is easy to pick-up and use.

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Ken S.
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Hi there, I know this is 4 years late, just join recently. Thought I would put my 2 cents in. On the Amiga 1200 I used AMOS Pro in the early '90. Before that I use COMAL on the C64. Now I use COMAL v.14 Power Driver (1987) on the C64 Forever 2014 and UniCOMAL IBM PC 3.11 on my Windows 7 Pro, which was the last and latest version (1992) of COMAL made by UniCOMAL which also made the C64 and AmigaCOMAL (1987). AmigaCOMAL was pretty fast in benchmarks.
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There is a quite modern COMAL for the Amiga which is sufficiently advanced to program system-friendly programs. Check it out, it's on Aminet.
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From my perspective you have to differ between demo-scene stuff and the application side. Of course most of the code of Demos/Intros/Games was written in Assembler (first Kuma Seka later ASM-ONE + clones and Devpac).
On the application side Im under the impression that C was "the" language (with Aztec and Lattice) on the Amiga.
Later on (I would say somewhere around the early 90s) there were high-level languages like Modula-2/Oberon, Amiga E, Basic (Blitz), Arexx and such but none of them had the dominance like C and Assembler.

This is no disregard to compilers like DICE.
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