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Loading programs from Amiga HD

I've been tasked with helping someone transfer an Amiga program to a PC. He had it written by an Amiga programmer years ago, and wants to run it on PC. I purchased AmigaForever, linked the machines up with a null-modem cable and transferred all files from hard disk via AmigaExplorer, but don't know how to load them into the emulator. Following vague instructions the Cloanto FAQ, I placed them in the 'Shared/dir/Work', as per Cloanto FAQ, but there is no 'Work' partition in the emulator. How can I load these files? I've also tried installing the Work.hdf file, but that doesn't work either.

(Apologies if this is a noob question: I'm just doing this to help somebody, and have no personal interest in the Amiga. Having already spent far too many hours searching the net for a solution, this is already taking much longer than I hoped...)
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If you load up the Amiga Forever Player software, you should find an option called something like 'Workbench 3.x' (under the Applications or System tab).

If you load that up, you should have a 'Work' partition, where hopefully you will find the files you copied across.
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Thanks. I know how to run the emulator (as well as access the configuration options). Choosing the "Workbench 1.3" option, loads the OS window with RamDisk & Workbench icons - no 'Work' partition as on the Amiga machine itself. That's the problem I have been trying to solve. The files are in the right directories, but I don't know how to load them into Workbench.

If I upgrade to Workbench 3, would that solve the problem? (The program was originally running on Workbench 2, incidentally.)

I put it onto floppy and made an adf file, which I can load but it produces an error on running. (Workbench version again, perhaps?)
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The Amiga Forever 1.3 configuration won't have the 'Work' partition. I actually have the previous version of Amiga Forever (2008) and on that one, there are four options under the 'System' tab (which I think is renamed to 'Applications' in AF 2009):
- Workbench 1.3
- Workbench 3.x
- WinUAE configuration
- WinFellow configuration

If you have a similar list, then you need to use the Workbench 3.x configuration. My version of Amiga Forever doesn't have a built-in Workbench 2 configuration.
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aka breakpoint

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are these files on floppy disc or hard drive (amiga side)?
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