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Into the Wonderful

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Smile Top 5 Gaming Moments

What are the top 5 things that stick in your mind most about your gaming lives so far?
It can be anything at all but should be things that are the reason you are still playing to this day.

Mine are:

1. Getting my Amiga500
2. Witnessing SOTB for the first time (from a C64 to that WOW)
3. Experiencing the freedom of 3D (oo contraversial!) e.g
Tomb Raider, especially the swimming parts.
4. Seeing Aeris die in Final fantasy 7 (a game character dying?)
5. Being stuck in Cadaver for years I now know it was a
defective copy judgement on me I suppose.
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1.) Getting my first Computer (Amstrad CPC 464/Color Monitor)
2.) Playing my first Amiga Game for a week without a break (Hostages)
3.) My first Modem/Mailbox/BBS Experience with a 2400Baud Modem (FAAAAAAAAAAST )
4.) Beating the Hell out of all my friends and NEVER loose a match in Street Fighter
5.) seeing MGS2 on PS2 in action
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The Sickness and my moments...

What is the Sickness? All of us should know. The Sickness is like a 33 RPM record with five songs:

Song 1) Seduction - It's new, it's fresh, it's invigorating! The young man is seduced when he discovers that computer games and computers in general can be far more interesting and engrossing than arcade games. For me, Tunnels of Doom and Scott Adams adventures on the TI-99/4A Home Computer.

Song 2) Obsession - It just keeps getting better and I can't get enough! As computers and computer games evolve, the graphics and sounds improve, and the young man requires more stimulation to satisfy his craving. He may turn to excess spending and petty theft to get what he wants, and will begin to associate with others who have the sickness. For me, Commodore 64 and a modem.

Song 3) Habit - "Dude, this new model has a hard drive!" By this stage the romance of seduction and the intensity of obession have merged and become part of the young man's daily habit. This is the peak of the Sickness, during which the first two stages repeat their revolutions with varying intensity. This stage may last several years and involve several computers or gaming systems. For me, Colecovision to Commodore 64 to Amiga 1000 to PC.

Song 4) Nostalgia - Those were the days and these are the days! After many years of living with the habit, the old man will experience that psychological effect called nostalgia, but with a Twist. He has reached the end of his record and he wants to hear it again, scratches and all. And with digital nostalgia, the record sounds almost as good as it did when he first heard it many years ago. MAME, WinUAE, MESS, etc.

Song 5) Acceptance Hello. My name is Dpainter and I have the Sickness.
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1- Spending days in the arcade playing 1942 and galaga
2- Playing all the xxx Quest series from Sierra on Atari ST, Amiga
and PC
3- Winning the leage in Speedball II for the first time
4- My first network game: Powermonger and nullmodem
5- Doing it all again more than ten years later
(retro gaming rulez )
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1) Getting my first AMiGA, an A500. I was so proud of it (5 y/o).

2) playing Tiger Heli at the arcades. It was the 1st arcade game I ever played.

3) finishing Double Dragon 2 (arcade). I was 10 back then. The first game I actually finished.

4) the beginning of the emulation scene. That totally fascinated me. Playing C64-games on my Amiga-Workbench. Hell yeah.

5) when MAME appeared at the scene. Finally I could revive the old days.
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quazatron - spectrum, played it all summer

wizball - c64 - awesome game, great music!

dungeonmaster - Amiga, the best roleplaying game ever

playstation - finalfantasy 7, except maybe this one...

playstation - wipeout 1,2,3 best racer with the best music!
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1 - My dad getting an Atari 2600 a few months later I was born. Of course, I never played it 'til I was a little older , but it was my kick off on gaming. Moon Patrol, Sea Quest, Frostbite River Raid and Defender were my favourites. I was scared of a game called Frankestein , by the way.

2 - I asked my father many times to buy a computer, just because I thought it would be cool. Then he bought an MSX, after seeing Frogger and Decatlhon running on it (2 of his favourites on the old 2600) I was around 3-4 years old, and I had no idea a computer could be used to play games. The next day, he came home with 2 tapes full of games. I guess the 1st game I played on this system was Bosconian, but can't be sure. Later he bought a Disk-Drive, and I quickly learned how to use it.

3 - I got Elite for MSX. This game took me a long time of my life, and it was my first step outside the arcade camp. I played the same game for about 5 years, reached Elite status, played the secret mission, got the secret weapons.

4 - I got an Amiga (And also a copy of Elite ). 1st game I played on an amiga was Wings of Fury, the 1st one I really LOVED was Speedball 2, and the 1st one I played on MY OWN amiga was R-Type 2. Sensible Soccer, and later , Sensible World of Soccer, took an even longer time of my life than Elite, and it should be a gaming moment alone, but I can have only 5 moments, and I need the other one.

5 - Getting a PC. Although the machine is unstable and stuff, it's mainly used for emulation, and because of it, I discovered many other new machines I only knew before on magazines. Discovered incredible games on the Commodore 64 or the PC-Engine, for example. Internet also made me discover cool games I never had saw before on MSX and Amiga, and made me found other people who liked those systems.
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Fred the Fop
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1. When I won the Stanley Cup with the Red Wings on NHL 95 on my Sega Genesis.
2. When I won the Stanley Cup with the Red Wings on NHL 96 on my Sega Genesis
3. When I won the Stanley Cup with the Red Wings on NHL 97 on my Sega Genesis
4. When I won the Stanley Cup with the Red Wings on NHL 98 on my Sega Genesis
5. When I won the Stanley cup with the Red Wings on NHL 99 on my Playstation.
I love Hockey
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1. Getting a C64 to share among family along with the games Park partol and Gogo the ghost.

2. Getting a PC with Win 3.11, playing Solitare and wondering why I wasn't playing back on my C64 again

3. Playing Doom over a null modem cable for plenty of time with my brother.

4. First lan party, stayed awake for 48 hours gaming before paranoia overtook me and I spent more time looking over my shoulder than at the screen.

5. Finally getting an A1200 and having great fun with the good old games.
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1. Standing on tiptoes to see what was happening on the screen on the arcade game my dad was playing. It was Space Invaders.

2. Loading the first game (Chequered Flag) on the first home computer (Speccy) I ever had.

3. Figuring out that the key to accelerate in Chequered Flag was '0' (zero), and not the letter 'O'.

4. Having a game published, and seeing it in shops. (Don't even bother asking, I will never tell).

5. A more general one: the sheer fun and feeling of wellbeing that only a great gaming experience provides. The game itself is only part of the equation. The fun of interacting and sharing the time with others is the whole point as far as I am concerned.
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Many but this one it's the one that will stich:
My uncle bought me the amiga 500 for Xmas back in '91. it comes with the original monitor -i can't rem the name or number, it was THE monitor anyway- and Lotus 1 and Xenon 2.
well, my bro and me we switch it on and WTF! the colours, the output, they were really different from the screenshots printed on the game boxes! the screen was almost black with just some coloured lines and shapes moving!
we play for a couple of months that crappy thing, peering for the opponent cars in lotus and guessing for the dark strange windows in Workbench, 'til an afternoon in february, when my bro, was still playin @ Lotus, as ever, and me i was on the other side of table looking @ the back of the monitor.
i push a button and... you have should hear giulio screaming and see his face "Waaa! what have you done? IT WORKS!"
ok. me stupid.

Later on 2 years after i broke my A500 by fitting the 1,5 MB expansion the wrong way. and saved money for months to buy me a A1200, wich i bought hiding it from my parents with the help of a friend
what a mess.. but this is another story. thx for the memory
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Oh Yeah! playin PONG on a Hanimex!!!!!
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In no particular order....

1) Playing classic arcade games like GhostnGoblins, GhoulsnGhosts, Op Wolf/Thunderbolt, Galaga, Pheonix, R-type, Double Dragon etc., once a week whilst enduring my parents playing tenpin bowling!

2) Getting a C64. My first game,(supplied as a copy by a schoolteacher no less!),& still a fave to this day was Ghettoblaster. Later on lost years of my life expectancy playing The Last Ninja series,(esp. 1 &2), along with several other classics like Turrican & Creatures.

3) Seeing/playing an Amiga 500 in action playing Battle Chess at a relative's place. A couple of years later, saw me gaining one myself & playing the Leisure Suit Larry Games to death, which in turn led to a general enjoyment of a lot of graphic adventures ala LucasArts/Delphine games etc.

4) Getting a Playstation & Final Fantasy 7,Suikoden & Resident Evil triology. Comments above about the emotion factor in FFVII I think covers things well enough. Great games.

5) Getting a PC. Thank you to the developers of MAME, CCS64, WinUAE etc. for allowing me to enjoy some classic gaming memories all over again.
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5. Completing Uninvited by ICOM
4. Typing my first command in a text adventure on Spectrum ZX+: "Take keys"
3. First time I witnessed Shadow of the Beast
2. Everytime I got a new computer (Spectrum, A500, A1200, well.. not really with PC)
1. Winning the final in the Kick Off 2 World Cup last November!
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1) Going to teh arcades with me dad. I remember him encouraging me to play the games, so my retrogaming lovin is all his fault I remember him looking for cool games while I was playing one, so when I finished he would say "come and check this one out!". He introduced me to 1942 this way, so he also started my shmup fanatism!

2) Playing with the Atari 2600 at my cousin's. What was that magic box that spew graphics and sound onto the ambience, just like in the arcades?

3) Playing with all teh family Summer games/Winter Games tournaments on my cousin's C128D.

4) Getting my C128

5) Getting my A600
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Mr Creosote
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1. Desperately trying to save enough of my pocket money for a computer (never made it that far then )
2. Playing on my grandparents' Plus/4 for the first time
3. Buying P.O.D. - Proof Of Destruction for that system
4. Getting an A500 as a christmas present
5. Booting Monkey Island for the first time (Amiga of course )
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Pipboy approved
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1. Played moonlander on a vic-20
2. Got my first c-64 and played Commando for about a month
3. Got my first Amiga (500) and were absolutely stunned by the graphics in Barbarian (wow! look at the sky! There must be over one hundred colours!)
4. Played and Finished my first adventure game (this should be rated as no1 actually), lucas arts rocks!
5. Connected two computers together with a null modem cable and played against a friend (wow! I actually shot you! You and no computer AI!!!!)
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Originally posted by KombatSanta
4. Played and Finished my first adventure game (this should be rated as no1 actually), lucas arts rocks!
Which one?
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Pipboy approved
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Originally posted by alkis21

Which one?
Monkey Island followed by Loom
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Playing F1GP for the first time on my A600 and marvelling at the 3D graphics and the ability to replay the action from all angles .

Experiencing the 3D environments of Tomb Raider on the Playstation - really, an amazing game for it's t ime.

Getting a PC so that I could use all those emulators my friends had told me about
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