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Classic Wb install problem

Hello, i have a problem installing classic wb on a real amiga 1200.
I have got to the part where classic wb is installing on the amiga, it looks like it is installing but when i got to the part where i have to reboot the amiga it only shows an amiga dos screen at startup.
The same thing happens in winuae.
I use a cf card as a harddrive and i just cant figure out what im doing wrong.
Does anyone have some tips ??
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Hi Koot and welcome to EAB.

I have no idea either. What version?

The install procedure works fine here in WinUAE. I don't have any experience with CF cards on real Amiga's so I can't help you with that part I'm afraid.
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Hello Bloodwych,

Thanx, and first i want to say what a great piece of work classic wb is.
I think it is great to see that the amiga still lives on...

The problem was that i didnt zip all the files in system therefore it missed some files.
Now in winuae i can install classic wb on a cf card and it boots from the card.
But i come across another problem, when i put the prepared cf card in the amiga it wont boot.
When i try to install it for real on the amiga (with system.zip on card) my miggy wont start the floppy with the real amiga install.
My goal is to prepare the cf card with winuae so i only have to put the card in the amiga to use it.
So i dont have save any floppies or use cables to transfer files between pc and amiga which take a lot of time.
Do you know if this is even possible ??
The cf card works on the amiga because i can install workbench 3.1 from real floppies and this works !
Greetz, Koot.
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Thanks - I'm glad people get use out of the packs.

Perhaps the problem is that install disk tries to unzip "System.zip" on DH0:, but of course it may not be there because you're CF card may be designated a different name.

Is it a CF IDE adapter attached internally, or are you using the Amiga's PCMCIA port?

If Workbench 3.1 works, the ClassicWB should as well as the startup-sequence isn't much different.

Since your using a CF that can be accessed from WinUAE, don't bother with "System.zip" method or the install disk. Just copy the files directly from the HDF to your CF.

The "System.zip" method is only really for people who have to transfer the Workbench via a cable or floppy. Those who use WinUAE to read an Amiga hard drive or compact flash can just copy everything over directly without creating "System.zip".
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Hello Bloodwych,

Once again i tried to unzip system.zip in winuae with the real amiga install.adf.
When the install was finished i put the card into the amiga and it works !!

Im not quite sure what i have done wrong but i am glad that it finally works, i think its in the partioning of the drive where i named the drive HD0.

You said it would be easier to copy the hdf straight to the card but i tried that before and it failed, maybe it will work now.

Thanks for the support and keep up the great work !

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