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Hints from within the GUI

I realize this is FAR from being a pointless feature request, but I think it'd be really handy.

I think it'd be great if WinUAE had a "Hints" type of feature from within the GUI (see attached screenshot). I know most of us would never even look twice at it since we're experienced and know how to use WinUAE for our needs, but I too often see threads where people ask about the simplest tasks. It's a reminder that WinUAE, as simple as the new GUI is, is still difficult for beginners. One example I read today was someone asking about how to insert disk 2 for a game. I think having these sort of tips would help these people out.

You can have hints for just about anything...
- If you need further help, try visiting http://eab.abime.net/ for advice.
- The minimum required to run an old Amiga game is WinUAE (which you have), a kickstart ROM (which you can obtain from .... ) and the game itself. Blah blah.
- Did you know 68060 emulation was added to shut y'all up? You got a request, now shut up about PPC!

Now, obviously Toni wouldn't be doing the hints. He'd (or someone else?) just have to implement the hints engine. Volunteers would have to take on the task of coming up with useful hints, compiling them, and submitting the final datafile(s) to Toni for inclusion in the next release.

Oh, and pictures aren't required for the hints. I just thought it'd be simpler for new users to see a picture as well as text in order to locate certain things

Oh, and obviously these hints would be able to be turned off from within the Misc panel or something like that. I for one would hate seeing them everytime I booted WinUAE

Anyone else think this would be useful?

Maybe I should be requesting an "Automatic GURU Meditation" screen feature instead? It could come up with a random GURU everytime!
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I should add that I'm well aware of the "Help" button in the GUI, however without the help file, it stays grayed out. A new user wouldn't have any clue where to get it (from what I've read, many power users have no idea about it too!).
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Hey Jason,

I think it's an excellent idea

WinUAE is definitely not the easiest emulator for beginners to come to grips with...

I mean, there is information about in the Amiga FAQ section and also around on the internet like:

... Amiga FAQ --> Amiga Emulation FAQ
... Amiga Emulator F.A.Q.
... WinUAE Configuration F.A.Q.

Still, a very good idea I say
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What about the Tooltips?
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Old 23 April 2007, 21:24   #5
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I think that's a very good idea although the first thing I usually do when running a new program is turning those tips thingies off I like to learn things the hard way
I would be happy to contribute if this gets picked up and implemented.
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Emulator Steem has this feature with hints in demo-like scrolls.
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Good Thought

Nice Idea, would be a big help given all the changes and little things we all forrget now and then !
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Ultron: Tooltips aren't immediately visible to a new user. It's easy for someone to miss them. A help window that comes up straight away is in your face, and pretty much tells the user to learn about WinUAE before they jump into it. If they need assistance, they can always revert back to the hints. The hints don't have to be limited to usage. They can have helpful little tips like "Old EA games (around 85 to 87) usually require Kickstart 1.2 to run properly", etc. Basically, the sorts of things that you'd find on these forums, or in the wiki.

At the end of the day, it's up to Toni. If he doesn't want to implement it (and noone else steps up), then that's the final say
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What about the Tool-tips? or Hints pretty much pointless there is already some form of this in WinUAE hovering on tabs or forms a bubble pops up in the Gui.
Any how i find many ofthese Tool-Tips Hints you see in many applications like win-zip and others just annoying and many user don't bother reading even beginners skip these Tool-Tips it more likely not worth diong in WinUAE.

this may be better adding a link in WinUAE to Wiki Beginners Guide or Tool-Tips this would need to be created to an wiki account?

wiki - Beginners Guide / Beginners Tool-Tips may be the best way and not adding to WinUAe file size.
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Toni Wilen
WinUAE developer
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I am not sure if this help. Most users never read documents anyway
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Old 24 April 2007, 17:11   #11
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Too true Toni.

That's why I was hoping for this type of system where someone knows immediately that they can receive hints and tips. I know a few people that live for these types of hint windows and stay away from documentation for the sole reason that hint windows are like small summaries. They don't require technical expertise (if written well) and are quick to read.
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You mean, like tooltips?
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Tooltips aren't in your face enough. They're pretty much invisible
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Toni more then once said that writing documentation is not his cup of tea.

I can understand, as he does what he likes, and that surely doesn't include writing docs.

But online documentation maintained by others might be a good idea.
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