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Amiga 1000 RCA jack part

Does anyone know what I would look for to find a replacement RCA jack for my Amiga 1000 motherboard?

One of mine is loose, and last time I looked at it, it appeared broken. I was able to add something to it to keep it working, but I know I need to replace it.

I am getting ready to try to do some more internal work on my A1000 soon (try to better mount a FlashFloppy Gotek with OLED, rotary controller, etc) and thought that as long as I have it apart, I might as well actually fix that jack.

A quick search on e-bay for RCA jacks (comparing to Amiga 1000 motherboard pics on google - I don't have my A1000 here and it's not apart yet at home) didn't show one that looked the same, but I am probably just not searching for the right thing.

Any pointers would be great...

(I also at some time have to try to remove my caps lock key, clean it, and replace it. It lights up on a power up, but doesn't work after that. But I think I'll save that project for later. Will probably practice on some old keyboards first.. ;-)
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Which style are the jacks? Colored plastic frame or "skeleton" design with just the metal parts?

Search Mouser for Kobiconn brand RCA jacks, those should fit and they have both styles (link may go to the EU store first, the site kinda forces it).
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For the GBA-Project I buy this one
161-0360-E from Kobiconn (f.e. see in Mouserlist)

Matches perfectly

Be careful with other jacks, they often have a different height
and thus a shifted center point. This is important because
of the hole in the housing wall

Data sheet and designation saved here

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