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Considering the latest version is "3.51"; I've renamed the thread title from "3.1" --> "3+"...
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Originally Posted by Retro-Nerd View Post
Press the C key as toggle (Covers on/off) while browsing the list.
Thank you
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Originally Posted by Omolungo View Post
Thank you

I downloaded them and copied in S:TinyLauncer/Covers/ but when I run TiniLauncher I cannot see any cover.

Is there a particular key to press in order to see previews .iff?
First you've got to edit the TL configuration. I don't remember, in the menu you've got something like Games - Demos -Music -Config. There.

Well, that's in the case that you don't have the covers in the Covers drawer of TinyLauncher.

When that's ok, you've got to press "C" to show the covers while you are seing the titles.

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hopefully the author is still reading this.

i use tiny launcher with 3000+ whdload games, a lot of whdload demos and about 150 mod files and i am really happy with it. the cover pack from the ftp is installed as well and i love these preview pics.

just a quick feature request for future releases would be:
-an attract mode that jumps through the list and randomly shows cover previews in a loop
-exiting a game and staying in that same region of the alphabet would be nice

best regards
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you should write a mail. He will surely answer. Pretty sure he doesn't read here anymore. Unless somebody points him directly here (what i did from time to time).

gibs2b AT gmail com
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He's still developing though as the last release is dated 29th July 2017
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thanks, i will give it a try.
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Old 19 November 2017, 18:10   #148
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wow. This program is awesome. Especially with the screenshot database. I never want to use Igame again. Thanks for the great work
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Old 16 December 2017, 22:54   #149
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Maybe it's been mentioned before but searching on 3 letter words does not give results..

It seems TinyLauncher totally scr*ws up the ENV assign....

After running TinyLauncher ENV: does not point to RAM:ENV anymore but simply RAM: As a consequence screenmode switching goes ballistic stating ENV:Sys/screenmode.prefs is not there etc....
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Old 17 December 2017, 03:59   #150
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Yes Tinylauncher is awesome!

I use it to launch games on my Vita and VitaTV. It works great.

Is there really a cover collection for the kg WHDLoad? If yes, where do I find it and how do I install it? I have a complete WHDLoad collection here from June 2017 and another collection of the missing games (based on Aladin’s recent “generic” collection, mostly WHDLoad). Both are using Tinylauncher 3.52 and they work perfectly. But none of them have any screenshots...
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I second that. Would love to get a collection of covers.
and I also have small problem. After starting TL whenever I'm trying to launch anything but the Games menu (Music, Demos, Favourites) it kicks me back to WB with "Out of Memory" prompt.
Games menu works fine.
...but if I enter Games menu first, then quit the menu and try any other it works fine.
Can't find a solution to that...
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