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Does anyone want to collaborate with graphics for CoCoBanana?

With permission of the forum, please indicate me if I break any forum rule since I am new.

Because we do not have a graphic artist, and we borrow graphics from the internet and although we have always said that they are not our graphics, and that we only retouch them, even though most of these drawings are free, we want to see if someone is encouraged to recreate something similar , that is well within the subject and that has the courage to do so. Despite the present problems.

According to conversations with Amiten, he would agree to this

Also in other forums we are asking for collaborators in this regard.

Surely the facebook page of the cocobanana will be opened again and it will also be requested from there. In addition to today's live on Amiten TV, I hope you do not take this as publicity.

Please keep this thread only for this, as far as possible.

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Tried some pixel art for fun

This seemed like a bit of fun so i thought id mess around a bit in photoshop and try my hand at some pixel art. Never done it before (pls be kind ) but have always been interested to try.

Here are a selection of sprites i quickly threw together (apart from the third one along), firstly, coco done more to the style of the box art and two replacement main characters or enemy sprites, an AYEAYE (weird jungle creature, look it up) and some sort of green gremlin/pokemon dude.

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They look pretty cool trydowave
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A-W-E-S-O-M-E. Go for it!
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Welcome to the real world, now you have the same problem of all other developers, first you need form a team to release a game. This is the only right way if you want release a commercial game. The other teams is what they do and even some get it.
Some people don't know how to work in a team and respect the work of other members and usually have more difficulties to release a good game.
The community is big and have a lot of people for coding, pixel art and make music, you only need find it be respectful with team and purpose a serious and interesting project, and be patient.
Remember that usually people have their own live with real problems, real jobs, real family, etc... and this is only a hobby.

And don't forget !!! don't try to make this hobby as your way of life or you will only find frustration.

The most important thing is that if you want your work to be respected, you must first respect the users in the community and other teams as well.

Edit: Remember that moderators are here to defend the general interests of the forum and to put order when necessary, if you do not respect their rules, do not expect them to respect you, it's that simple. Now you can write here thanks to the work of EAB admin, members and moderator since lot of years.
This things is applicable to any other place in FB groups other social medias, or any other forum.

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Nice to see a potential positive outcome for this unfrtunate situation
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I think most of the graphics must be replaced, so what the graphician needs is the original spriteset or its specifications.

Aka: we need a sprite for the main character, 24x16 pixels, 8 colors, 5 frames for walking, 2 frames for jumping, one crouch, one fire, two charging, two for death anim and this all for each direction (or the sprite will be mirrorred by program).

And specs like this for each enemy, collectibles, hazards etc. I am not sure with tileset, if it also needs to be replaced.
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Sorry for getting involved again with this, but a friend sent me this post from Amiten's Coco Banana Facebook page:

Amiten; it's all about money to you isn't it?

It doesn't seem to matter that you are still using "unauthorised" Capcom assets does it now?

I really do wonder where the rest of the graphics came from since you now openly admit that none of the graphics were yours to begin with?

You are dishonest / untruthful / deceitful / have no morals / threwn your team members under a bus and really are a scammer...

There's no remorse what-so-ever for anything you've done; as long as you keep seeing / making $$$ then all is ok

Galahad/FLT summed up this situation quite well the other night:

Originally Posted by Galahad/FLT View Post
2). I think at this point Amiten really needs to rethink his future on the Amiga. He used to have a history of starting projects and then aborting them to go work on another. There is so much talent around on Amiga right now, in fact its got probably the best talent that WANTS to do stuff, there is absolutely no excuse to take others work and try and pass it off as original and uncredited.
...most normal / decent people would be ashamed of what they did; not you though.

Anyway, there will definitely be no more free advertising from you on EAB, that's for sure

You're a leech on the Amiga community... good bye.

Sorry Luiscoco; thread closed.

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