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Originally Posted by samplist View Post
It does contain many of the features of bestwb, some of them being replaced by others (e.g Voodoo-X for unarchiver etc). The are things missing such as some of the commodities I couldn't find icons for, TotalCalc etc. I wouldn't recommend installing bestwb over BestClassicWB as you would have many things installed twice in different locations.
You can try it and tell me if you feel something is missing.

Tried it, and everything is working as it should.

Thank you for putting this together!
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Installed no problems, love it! Great work thanks ;-)
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What a refreshing thread.

Was wondering when I finally get round to buying the 3.1.4 roms + os disks, will it still work with my blizzard 1230IV 256mb ram indivision aga mk2cr and fast ata mk4 basically that question is sorta aimed at any of you guys with similar hardware that may have already done the os + rom update.

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Originally Posted by KKR75 View Post
New updated release for 68K version 3.1. Link below changelog.


	- Updated full WHDLoad package to latest beta prerelease v18.4, across ALL WB versions. The reason I opted for the latest beta is because v18.3 introduced a few bugs with certain games that was remedied in v18.4
	- Removed C:TagLiFE#?, C:PatchRAM#?, SYS:Update/ dir as no longer needed for v3.1.4
	- Removed LargeHD directory from MyFiles, also not needed with new ROM 3.1.4.
	- Removed references to TagLiFE, PatchRAM, BlazeWCP, and StackAttack in the ButtonMenu menus, only when under 3.1.4.
	- Cleaned up lots of stale .info files when using the WB1.3 theme under v3.1.4.
ClassicWB 68K 3.1.4 (Version 3.1)


Hi , sorry for my english, i use a translator.
I put it on a real A500 (ide, 1mb chip, 8mb fast), when I run some games and demos (WHDLOAD) and when I exit, I get this error.
Checked in UAE, also gives an error.

When i use kickstart 3.1.4 and classic wb (http://classicwb.abime.net/classicweb/68k.htm) , then no errors

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I solved the problem by updating the WHDLOAD to version 18.5
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Are there any plans to release ClassicWB ADVSP and "OS39" andpted to 3.1.4?


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Thumbs up

I installed it today on my A500 with Aca500+, 1233n 40,..... nice work and I do love the old 1.3 theme...

thanks for the work
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Any chance of a Classic WB Lite 3.1.4?

I don't like Classic WB Full as Scalos kills icon.library
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