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Hello from A600 owner in Norway!

Hello, fellow Amiga fans!

My Amiga story:
Got an Amiga 600 in 1992 to replace my Commodore 64. Used it a lot for gaming, and gaming only. After I got a PC in 1996 or so, the Amiga was rarely used, even though I have taken in out from time to time.

A few years back, I found that very few of my floppies were still working. I searched around for a way to download images and transfer these to floppy using a PC, but this was said to be impossible. So, the Amiga was put away once again.

Then I did a similar search recently, and then I discovered Gotek, CF card harddrives, and the fantastic user community for these wonderful machines. I bought a Gotek and installed it last week - fantastic device!! My son seemed to enjoy "Superfrog" as much as I did in the 90`s!

I connected to the TV using composite, but I have a RGB to SCART cable in transit. Hopefully that will improve quality a bit.

Other than the Gotek, my A600 is 100% original - actually I broke the warranty sticker while installing it. It is also dirty, full of dust and very much yellow. It works, though!

My plans ahead for it.. I was carried away at first and wanted to have EVERYTHING.. ram, accelerators, the works... but then I dragged myself down to earth again and decided that a Gotek is enough. For me the Amiga has always been a gaming machine, and that will do for the future as well. I don`t mind the load times etc - that is part of the nostalgia. So I believe I will be fine without ram or accelerators.

My projects will be focused on restoring and upgrading the A600:
- Cleaning inside & outside
- Recapping
- Modding to have both floppy and Gotek, with switch
- Painting the case (vinyl dye)

I have not decided if I will make intrusive mods (integrate Gotek display & buttons), but believe I will. My case looks terrible with all the yellowing, I think paint & nice mods will only be for the better.

Looking forward to be part of the great Amiga community!
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Hi! - It is a great community.
There are a lot of interesting things going on here, and a lot of helpful people too
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Man, giving up my A600 was a big regret. I wish I still had it. I loved the tiny form factor and the "upgraded" internals/OS ...
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