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Eek Amiga Explorer randomly stops transferring files


I have an a500 with Kickstart 2.05, and Amiga Explorer installed. When AE was working correctly, I was able to transfer files of any size with no trouble from a laptop of mine via null modem cable from a COM port directly in the back of the PC.

Now however, when I go to transfer files from PC to miggy, AE will open and it sees the Amiga and all its drives, but when I go to transfer a file, it begins transferring normally for a random amount of time, and then it just stops, as if the file was completely copied over, even if 18kb out of a 255kb file were only copied.

I have honestly no idea why this is occurring, I've tried messing with the serial settings on both the Amiga and PC sides, but I've had no luck. Also, there have been some occasions where very small files, 8-15 kb, transfer over completely before AE seemingly times out, and I've been able to use them properly on the miggy side.

Any help with this problem would be hugely appreciated, thanks so much.
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Are you now using the same serial cable as the one you were using when AE worked correctly? Or does the cable you are using now conform to the specification given here:
http://www.amigaforever.com/kb/13-105 ?

They're not all the same, you know.
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Yup! I'm using the same cable, same PC, and same config from when it was working correctly. It's 25/9 pin to 25/9 pin.


Kind of like that, its worked fine in the past!
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Are you sure everything is the same on the Amiga? If you changed display modes (interlace vs. non, more overscan, etc.) it reduces the max baud rate you can use and it will lock up.

The best is of course regular High-Res Non-Interlaced 4-colors. More than that will sacrifice baud rates.
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