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Amiga 1200 PCMCIA extension with ribbon cable?

Hi guys,

Trying to figure out if there is anything like this: a small PCMCIA connector that fits inside the A1200 PCMCIA port, that is long enough to be flush with the case, and with a ribbon cable so I can attach a PCMCIA card that is a bit longer than the regular one.

I did look everywhere but can't find anything like this. They have a ton of ribbon extension for PCI-E for example, but can't find anything for PCMCIA.
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Do you specifically need the Amiga end to be just flush with the case, or can it be the same length as a normal PCMCIA card (i.e., longer than that)?
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Ideally it should be shorter than a regular one; I would like to relocate the port, eventually, when I will move the 1200 to its tower case.
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You'd have to hack it together yourself, but it is definitely doable. Many PCI -> 3.5" panel Cardbus adapters had the 3.5" panel connected with long ribbon cables.
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Yep, it should be doable alright. You might need to add buffering for the data lines though if the cable is very long - only the address lines are buffered on the A1200 motherboard.

Hmmm... Sounds like something I'd like to do actually - get access to the PCMCIA from the front of my tower.
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I knew someone had made a thread about this before. http://eab.abime.net/showthread.php?...=pcmcia+ribbon
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The form factor for PCMCIA was borrowed for CI (the cards that can be used to add digital services to TV's). I've been doing some digging based on that, but no joy so far :/ Everything seems discontinued.
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