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Poorly A600. Recapping in order?

So here goes, apologies for the poor pictures, worked on this yesterday evening:

I recently picked up another bare 600, rev1.5 with 37.350 rom. Poor thing has been treated like poo and whiffs of fish (assuming capacitor problems) a quick nose about shows all the tale-tale signs of nasty slimey gunk all around the suspect areas.

Internal disk drive chattered like mad when first powered up? Slackened off retain screw near 1mb ram chips appeared to have solved whatever it was?

I Stripped the disk drive down fully, cleaned everything and oiled/greased worm gear. Sprayed contact cleaner on the detect switches.

Keyboard appears to work ok, blue membrane type, top half of case is quite good condition wise.

Bottom half of the case has broken clips, lower rf shield had rust! Serious rust! So bad it had developed layers which had spread over nearly the entire surface, some even got underneath the motherboard and plastic sheet, had to wet sand the metal to get it all off. Liquid must have been spilled on this thing in the past?

Lower case had also been stained by this surface rust, cleaned up nicely with a bit of elbow grease.

The board itself seemed to have had a good escape but rust had got on the psu connector and rf box but cleaned up nicely, had a few black spots of gunk on some chips... no clue what the hell it was but cleaned off easy with ipa.

Finally rebuilt and tested with Protracker 3.10b via composite and audio. Sound is crap! glitches, drops out, pops, cracks, low volume and then suddenly comes back? tried 3 sets of rca leads all the same result. Suspecting audio caps at fault?

After all that messing about, dropped in a 4GB CF card holding GAAE Classic Workbench, presented with instant "Setpatch please reboot" crash? The same thing going on in winuae? only fix was to change cpu from 68000 to 68020? But booting with a workbench disk allows access, everything appears to be ok on the front!

Also keep getting a big failure with the early boot menu! Sometimes it works, other times it does not and I get a guru - Software Failure. Error: 8000 0004 Task: 00006E8A. Anybody know what this is?

After a few hours of cleaning and faffing I turned in, packed away for another day. Also noticed the Super Denise gets toasty hot, is that normal?

Next I will crack open the lightweight psu that came with it, I used that one as it was easy to get out so was being a bit lazy.

Got in touch with dOpefish aswell, just need to send some boards over to him for work, just unsure which boards to send at the moment. I really want the best done first and then work down to the worst.

*Anyone solutions to the broken clip menace? Only ever see this on A600 cases.

So a fun day yesterday, why do people allow amiga's to get this bad?
I should have took pictures of the rust! Would have made certain people who like VW's and tha rat-look really happy lol.
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Take a look at your audio caps. They are right behind the keyboard connector. We can't see them in these pics
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If you're unsure of how the unit has been treated then yes you should recap it, the whole thing not just piecemeal.

If you don't remove the old capacitors and clean under them then you're setting yourself up for continual failure as the electrolyte slowly eats away at traces or vias.
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The Audio caps have dull traces and that dull greasy coating all around.

I will test everything then get it over to dOpefish
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