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Xvs.library v33.45 released

Hi all.
Georg Wittmann has released a new update of the xvs.library (External Virus Scanner Library), to use with VirusZ III, VirusExecutor, VirusChecker, VirusSlayer and some more.

Georg Wittmann has added almost every bootblock virus that has been found in the last 15 years. Georg is still working on some of the new linkvirus and trojans that has been found, they will be added in the near future

You can find the new xvs.library v33.45 here:
Download : https://www.vht-dk.dk/amiga/xvs/xvs.htm
Release notes : https://www.vht-dk.dk/amiga/xvs/xvs-releaseinfo.htm

Jan Andersen
Virus Help Team

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Thanks Georg & Jan. This is a precious update
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awesome thanks to all involved as I still occasionally find viruses on old floppies or even downloads from internet
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Thank you for the update!
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Old 10 November 2021, 00:27   #5
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Is this the only file file we need to update or is there a new Virus Z bootblock file like previous updates?

Nice work btw
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Great news, thx for the work all involved here !! @Superman: Indeed it is all you need to get up to date

2. Installation
The xvs.library contains all the virus recognition and removal code that was
formerly included in VirusZ. This step has been taken for one major reason:
VirusZ, Virus_Checker, Virus_Executor and all the other antivirus software
can be updated quickly without releasing the whole packages every time a new
virus appears.

So simply install the xvs.library from this archive to your LIBS: drawer to
get 100% protection against the latest viruses. You can either copy it by
hand or use the installer script written by David Crawford.

NOTE #1: To detect ALL viruses inside crunched and/or linked files,
xvs.library must be used together with the xfdmaster.library (available from
Aminet or the VHT-Denmark homepage)! I therefore strongly recommend the
installation of this library too.

NOTE #2: If xvs.library detects that it might have been modified (maybe by
some new virus?), it will inform you with an alert and tell you what to do!
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I note this explicitly looks for installer to be in C: it would be good to change the icon so the tool is just Installer (not C:Installer) as it will then work as long as Installer is in the path.

Under 3.2 it live in SYS:System for example, and in 3.5/3.9 it was in SYS:Utilities.

That aside, thanks to everyone involved in the update - it's great to see
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Might want to add the bootblocks from 50 Great Games as they are not recognised as being a bootblock menu for each disk!

They are preserved in SPS #2796 and not seen them labelled as a Virus!!
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