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[ Show youtube player ]

Quartex & Alliance Design (1991) - Substance

i can heat it 1000 times a day ... i love it !!!
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For me the epiphany of Amiga music was with overload from Mantronix & Tip. I can hear that tune over and over again - especially the slowdown/speedup at 2:55 (yeah I just had to hear it again)

Others standing out in my head would be:
Monkey Island
SOTB II death sequence

Looking over the other replies, though, I have to agree with everyone

For some reason Kingdoms of England comes to mind. AFAIR the same music playing over and over again, but I remember I really liked it.
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I found this thread while Googling for amiga music, and just had to register so I could join in on the nostalgia!

To echo some of the other people here:

Shadow of the Beast I & II (the death sequence for sure!!)
It Came from the Desert (farm song was amazing)
Defender of the Crown

And my all-time favorites that may or may not have been mentioned:

Awesome! (especially Planet Music 1, In Game 1&2, death seq. - all perfectly matched the outerspace atmosphere)
Leander (everything! especially that high-energy intro music sequence where he slays the dragon)
Obitus title song (just because its the only music you GET! I savored every drop before starting each deadly-silent gaming session)
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1989 = win
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I loved the music to Extase, the first game I know of with interactive music.

Sensible World of Soccer
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I still have some to add, which havent been mentioned yet.
Dragon Wars ingame tune
Ork title
Stormlord ingame
Ween title and ingame start tune
First Samurai (note that the ingame tune has a very misaligned channel, and exotica rip misses that hushed 3rd channel)
Borobodur Level 1 (other pieces are not so good)
Atomino title
Masterblazer intro and tournament tune
Populous title
Blade of Destiny
Cool Spot Level 1
The Alibi, remix by MHK (which i got as background music to Deluxe Galaga what i find a good match)


Note: The Budbrain Megademo Part 1 music is actually from the game Coloris, and the mod name of Substance/Quartex is something like knulla kuk.
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Old 24 May 2010, 18:58   #106
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Shadow of the Beast for all time most spine tingly, Jumping Jackson for funky goodness.
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For me, it would have to i came from the desert. Also, Total Recall.

Originally Posted by Harry View Post
Note: The Budbrain Megademo Part 1 music is actually from the game Coloris, and the mod name of Substance/Quartex is something like knulla kuk.
Theres a remix of this tune on amigaremix.com. Its awesome.
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Old 25 May 2010, 01:31   #108
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Vectorball Title Music

Pinbal Phantasies High Score Music
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Originally Posted by Jope View Post
Here's a properly encoded version of sleepwalk.. Uade 2.12. It still plays a very tiny bit wrong, but at least it doesn't depress you like the SOAMC one does. :-/
Ok, I was using the wrong replayer.. Uade can play it right too if you make sure it's using the ultimate soundtracker playroutine. Thanks, mld! :-)
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peter taft
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Most of, if not all of the tracks through the APIDYA {is that how you spell that } game are pretty cool.. defo gives you the NEED to PUSH onwards and upwards to get to the next level - just to hear the next track
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I like this thread.

If i have to choose a number one, it would be Bubble Bobble.
I LOVE the music, title music, "before" level music and the in game music.

I had connected my stereo rack to my amiga back in the old games, so i recorded the games music onto cassettes... i really liked to hear the music in my walkman..

If i remember correctly, i had the following game music on that cassette:

Wing Commander (Hangar music)
Pinball Dreams
Ultima 6
Lost Patrol
Battle Squadron (Ingame)
Wonderboy in Monsterland (Ingame)
The Settlers
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Let's see...

No order in it, just my favs.

Beast (all scores)
Lotus II main tune
Flashback Options music
Dune - Wormsigns
Desert Dreams - all three
Skeleton Krew endpart
Desert Strike Intro and death
Cannon Fodder
Sensible Golf
Pinball Dreams
Slamtilt Mean Machines tunes
Alien Breed - all
Nick Faldo's golf
Bubba 'N' Stix
Gods (of course!)
Sim City CDTV tracks

Desert Dream
Multimegamix I-III
Odyssey part III - in space
Kefmania (especially the 2nd part w/ the "video clip" thing
9 fingers
Batman Vuelve
Dance Diverse #2 tunes

These lists could be almost endless.
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Tim Wright - Agony Intro

It's awesome!
Incredible piece.
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David Whittaker - Obliterator (1st subtune)

Great music, crap game. :-)
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Originally Posted by Jope View Post
Great music, crap game. :-)
There was a thread lately...
Talking about tingling my spine, I quite like the Powermonger tune, even if it's not really great [ Show youtube player ]
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Old 19 June 2010, 16:54   #116
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I like the music from (in no particular order)
  • Turrican I, II, III
  • Battle Squadron, in the highscores screen
  • Ork, in the game Over
  • Disposable Hero
  • Super Hang-On
  • Shadow of the Beast III
I also like playing some game tunes on the synth or digital piano.
Casually, yesterday I've recorded some notes of the Battle Squadron highscore screen tune with much improvisation added.
It's not a perfect recording but has the charm of the spontaneity ...

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these are the tunes that remind me of the good old days. i used to record them on cassette while turning my monitor as loud as possible, hehe.

qualitywise a desaster, but i was so lucky playing them on my walkman over and over:

apprentice - title
batman caped crusader - title
beach volley - title
beast I-III
blood money - menue
bubble bobble
california games
chamonix challange - title
crystal hammer - title
defender of the crown
dogs of war
ghostbusters 2 - title
ghouls n ghosts
giana sisters
grand monster slam - title
hard n heavy - level 4
heimdall - intro
iron lord
jeanne d'arc
lost patrol
ninja warriors - title
rings of medusa
r-type - title
shinobi - title
sidewinder - title
silkworm - title
test drive II
total recall - title
way of the little dragon
xenon II
z-out - level 2

and here some cracktunes/misc:

felix schmidt - paranoimia
cdi - fuzzball
doctor box soft - tj at mikes
horizon - blaizer
immortal - electricity
la demo la plus fele
legend - barbarian 2
outlaws/romeo knight
paradox - intro 45
great champs - 1988
great swappers - ns speed
thrust - elephant

unit a - interceptor
viruskiller v2
wow - echoing + goldrunner
zombie boys - metal
prophets - tar snare
paradox - 3
vision factory - new horizons

and so on
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Dune - Wormsign: a true masterpiece, as it has outstanding atmosphere. And I had to realiye this 14 years after the game released, when I bought a fairly useful hifi system...

Flashback - Options tune: this is quite special. All of my friends who had the chance to listen it as non-Amiga users were impressed.

Martin Iveson - What he did in Skeleton Krew is simply krazy.
I love all of these.

And all the others which have been mentioned before me.
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Shadow of the Beast 2 opening theme
All of Lemmings
Monkey Island 1 and 2
Elvira The Jaws of Cerberus
Marble Madness

I'm probably forgetting a bunch. I love this machine so much.
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Big Band Bop
Who knows that one!
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