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Need a replacement floppy

Just as I finally sorted out the Bluetooth serial link and got it working, bang and out goes the floppy drive. It also managed to ruin my Workbench disk, the damn thing, by writing to it, and I'm tired of realigning it every few seconds just to boot into WB. It's obvious it's done for. The only place where I can be sure to get a working one is AmigaKit, but they list only a A600/A1200 drive, will that one FIT? My primary concern is the ejection button, because for example PC drives don't fit because they have different placed ejection buttons...so I wonder if this one does, because I don't wanna have to do any mods, god forbid cut on this beautiful A500 case It has to be a simple 5 minute screw in scenario, I am tired of fiddling around and I wanna play, friend found an old joystick he's gonna give me for free so it's game time!
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If you don't mind keeping your a500 case open for a bit you can pretty easily mod a PC floppy drive. Two wires, one cut trace. If you're anywhere approaching ok with a soldering iron you're golden.

Stickied thread in hardware.mods shows you how - it's what I'm using until I find a cheapish regular a500 drive to pop back in.

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I have an A1200 drive from amigakit. They have cut off the eject button and glued it back a few mm more to the outside. It fits perfectly in my A1200, only thing is the eject button is way smaller than the original opening in the A1200 case. But that's only cosmetic.

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