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I'm liking the sound of this :-

The support for user packages comes with a preconfigured installation of EAB WHDLoad Packs 3.0 demos, games, games aga and games that must be unpack on amiga. With a self install image, it is very easy to install these packs. It only required that users download, extract EAB WHDLoad Packs them selves and copies the extracted folders to a user packages directory with same naming of directories. The self install process will then detect these user packages and install them as part of the installation process.
Because I use Retroplay's Up-to-date / Repacked WHDLoad LHA's. Turran's are slightly out of date and a few errors (one of which you reported in Retroplay's thread) and the Unpack-on-Amiga section is missing some that get errors on Windows filesystem and can't be deleted, so I think it would be better to use Retroplay's.

Looking forward to your release.
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Oh dear, it's just been too long since my last post. Christmas came and some critical bugs was discovered causing delay in releases.

I did manage to release v1.2.0-BETA1 for download here https://github.com/henrikstengaard/h...ag/1.2.0-BETA1. This is only HstWB Installer and not any self install images.

Here's an overview of the critical issues I have discovered and being fixed in upcoming v1.2.0-BETA2:
  1. FirstLine from aminet.net requires minimum 68020 and that doesn't work as I want it to be 68000 compatible. It has been fixed and replaced by a script that uses simple sed operations to do the same.
  2. ReqList seems to require fast mem and it must be possible to run it on plain unexpanded Amiga's. It will be fixed by replacing ReqList with RequestList.

The images included may become corrupt either by misconfiguration or bugs that still exist in PFS3. All images has been prepared, partitioned and formatted using Workbench 3.1 HDToolBox, PFS3-AIO v2.3, pfsformat from pfs53_3.lha. Partitions use dostype 0x53465303 (PFS\3), where they should use 0x50445303 (PDS\3) when hard drive/partitions are larger than 4GB. There more details about this here https://github.com/henrikstengaard/h...ller/issues/15 currently being investigated by Tomasz Janiszewski and Toni Wilen. I created new hdf images with Amiga OS 3.9 HDToolBox and PDS\3 dostype and they seems to work better. But they still get corrupt especially when extracting/deleting EmeraldMinesCD.lha from EAB WHDLoad Packs v3.0 Games_UnpackOnAmiga.

Some new things has also been developed since last post and is a new demos and games launcher called HST-Launcher. It's main purpose is for low memory use and targeted for unexpanded Amiga's with only chip mem. The EAB WHDLoad Games menu packages have been updated with new hst-games menus using the new HST-Launcher. The hst-games menus comes in a hst-games1mb version, which is filtered for games that should work with only only 1mb chip mem. From what I can see this coveres ~900 games, which is pretty impressive thanks to the WHDLoad team. It's off course with blinking when loading, since preload in fast ram is not possible.

To support a setup with only chip ram, I also created a new HstWB-Mini package. It's a bare minimum Workbench 3.1 setup, which should be used FFS filesystem to maximise available chip ram. This is because filesystems like PFS3 and SFS are loaded into ram during boot. I have noticed if PFS3 is used without fast ram, it seems to go crasy and eat 200-300kb chip ram per partition. A special image has also been created for chip ram only setup, which has 2 partitions with FFS v45.16. It's second partition is not automounted to save/free 20-25 kb chip ram. It should contain a Workbench 3.1 installation and is mounted when needed e.g. from HstWB-Mini's boot menu.

I'm now focusing on getting v1.2.0-BETA2 released and record videos to show how it works.
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Old 01 February 2018, 11:03   #123
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I have just released HstWB Installer v1.2.0-BETA2 and it's available for download here https://github.com/henrikstengaard/h...ag/1.2.0-BETA2.

It includes following changes:
  • Updated setup and run scripts to show warnings when images uses harddrives larger than 4GB. In some situations PFS3AIO v2.3 (used for all images) can become corrupt and result in requester popups "Wrong block id". This is currently being investigated with new experimental versions of PFS3AIO from Toni Wilen.
  • Replaced firstline with sed script for 68000 compatibility.
  • Replaced reqlist with requestline for 68000 compatibility.
  • Changed package installation and user package installation menu's options for better layout using requestlist.
  • Updated hstwb-installer setup, run scripts and self install mode to autodetect Cloanto Amiga Forever 7 Workbench adf and Kickstart rom files.
  • Updated self install images to remove packages installation files after they are installed.
  • Added back option to change installer mode menu.
  • Added a few new images installed and partitioned with dostype PDS3.

Next I'm going to build an 8GB self install image based on HstWB Installer v1.2.0-BETA2 and use it to record a demo video.
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Old 10 February 2018, 20:44   #124
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Building new self install images has been postponed until the PFS3AIO corruption and errors are solved or at a more stable state. Currently I'm testing a new experimental version from Toni Wilen with a fix from Michiel Pelt, which seems to solve corruption and errors when copying or extracting large amount of files very fast, e.g. when extracting EmeraldMinesCD.lha from EAB WHDLoad Packs v3.0 Games_UnpackOnAmiga.

The good news is that tests with latest experimental version of PFS3AIO has been successful and I haven't been able to get any corruption or errors so far. I still need run additional tests with different sized hdf files to get better overview of it's current state.
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