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Old 13 March 2001, 02:04   #1
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Does everyone know that the long awaited Batman The Movie game is now playable via WinFellow Alpha V0.4 991205 !?

It works perfectly, even the cheats.
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Old 13 March 2001, 18:42   #2
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Wow thats great, I'll have to give it a go. I used to love that game.

Its gone down in Emu folklore that it was a pain to get working and even then you'd only be able to get the first level working. I have to try it out, I haven't played levels 2 -> 5 for years.

Now I can't wait for my lectures to end so I can go home and play that fabulous game. I just hope it doesn't make me fail my final year project.
Old 13 March 2001, 20:56   #3
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I tried to load the exact version from the WinFellow web site but the link does not work.

I just hope I already have it at home. I really need to play that game, especially the driving level, that was so cool.

I bet I'll be disappointed in the end, you always have fonder memories than what was in reality.
Old 14 March 2001, 00:17   #4
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To Gibby

You can download the latest and previous releases of WinFellow in the emulators section of Amiga Legal Emulation - that is the exact reason we mirror the files.


Have fun.
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Old 16 March 2001, 13:29   #5

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So gibby, did Batman working well at your home ?
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Old 16 March 2001, 17:55   #6
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No Improvement.

I'm afraid it was no better. It did load up and I did get to play the first level but unfortunately it got as far as every other attempt that I've made. i.e. the 2nd level would not load.

I have tried several different config's ranging from as close to the A500 as possible to some weird ones, in desperation of being able to play levels 2 -> 5

No luck though

Actually there has been a rumour going round for years that the actual adf file is broken. A lot of people subscribe to the theory that the emulators are working fine but the disk image is knackered - nobody has a working version, or at least nobody has ever managed to confirm that they could play beyond level 1.
Old 26 March 2001, 22:35   #7
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BATMAN - The Movie

If someone want to try my version of batman, then leave your mail-adr or contact me (dec0de12@gmx.net).

It works 100% on real Amigas, so you should give it a try. Id test it by myself, but Im not good enough to get to the 2nd level.

Old 29 March 2001, 15:56   #8
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Thanks Unregistered

Brilliant. It worked.

I was surprised to see it was the 2 disk version. I have never seen that as an adf before.

I tried it in several version of WinUAE without any luck so I tried a few versions of WinFellow and it still didn't work. Then I tried the specific version that MALC-ALE informed us about (WinFellow Alpha V0.4 991205) and it worked. Sort of.

I played nearly all of the 1st level. About half of the 2nd. I completed the 3rd and was hopeless at the 4th but on the fifth level I was making steady progress when it suddenly crashed. Boooo Hiss.

What struck me was how much more difficult it was than I remember. The two driving levels were so hard. It was great fun though.

Thanks again.
Old 25 April 2001, 19:22   #9
Get ready, Agent
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Anyone else here take 3 hours to play through all the levels and then mis-time, by a second, hitting the Joker with your batarang weapon thing and have to start all over again? Oh, the agony and ectasy that was Batman the Movie!! Why did they only give you one chance? Why???

But I did think the music was cool when you had to mix those chemicals to find the deadly laughing gas, sort of like a funky James Bond type thing.
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Old 25 April 2001, 19:30   #10
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So cool but too hard.

I loved the music on the third level in fact I loved the third level. Maybe cos it was the only easy level.

The game is soooo hard, it takes ages to get through the walking levels, the driving levels are really hard and I'm not sure there are restart points in them but if there are I never got far enough to reach them.

Overall the game is great and really enjoyable to play but it is really frustrating sometimes.
Old 26 April 2001, 12:58   #11
Tim Janssen
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Only played it on C64..

Yes, I must confess that I have played Batman the Movie only on the trusty Commodore 64. What a great game it is. Reading your discussion thread I think I should download it for my Amiga emulator.

By the way, I have played the 'sequel', Batman Returns once on my A500. An incredibly tough game not worth the two discs it came on.

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Old 26 April 2001, 21:50   #12
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Yes, do it

I deffinately recommend trying Batman the Movie on the Amiga it is sooo cool.

I too have played its sequel, for some reason I got quite excited when I heard it was coming out. Probably cos the original was so good. However it was a big pile of rubbish, it was harder than the original and I couldn't even get off the second level. It was impossible to get off the first level without losing one or two lives and then you were knackered for the rest of the game. What possessed them to make such a poor, tough game I don't know.

It was a waste of two disks and it took ages to load as well. Not as good as its 'prequel'
Old 21 May 2001, 00:25   #13
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can somebody send me the working 2-disc-version of BATMAN the movie?

Hello @ everyone!

Would somebody be so kind and send me the working 2-disc-version or at least post a URL here where i can find it?

Up to now i've downloaded this game for about five times from diffrent Web-sites and ftp-servers, but all versions had one thing in common: they all crash after the first level...


Old 21 May 2001, 11:48   #14
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Batman the Movie

Yep, indeed one of the cooler games for the Amiga ever.

The movie samples! The Cathedral level! The driving level (with the ultra-cool way of taking a turn)! The music! And: the replayability. The minute I finished the game, I restarted, only to finish it a second time. I replayed that thing endlessly.

So.. Would someone be so cool as to send me the .adf's as well? Thanks!

(PS: I always had a two-disk version on my Miggy. You had to switch disks after the first level, so it's no wonder the emu'd BTM crashed after level one if you only had one disk! )
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Old 21 May 2001, 13:57   #15
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I can ... but ...

I can send it to you but you'll have to wait till tomorrow probably, cos I don't have the images on me.

If anyone else can do it quicker then go ahead.
Old 21 May 2001, 21:45   #16
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Here it is....

Hi folks!

I've found a working one-disk-version in the meantime. Your can download at the following address...


Have a lot of fun!
Old 25 May 2001, 20:23   #17
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2 Disk ver.

Erm I think I've uploaded the 2 Disk version to my website.

Try this link.
Batman The Movie - 2 Disk ver

Enjoy - (if the link works )
Old 25 May 2001, 21:21   #18
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can anyone give me agood config because the graphics are really screwed up
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Old 28 May 2001, 02:15   #19
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Use WinFellow and enjoy...

Hi IvO!

I use WinFellow 0.4.3 for playing Batman the movie and everything is perfect, sound and graphix!
Download the one-disc version from the link I've posted here and you can enjoy an incredible fast version of the game (not to mention: --Streets of gotham city!-- YEAH!)

Have fun! :bounce
Old 02 June 2001, 16:36   #20
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Credits for the one and only working one-disk version...

... go to some guy from the Usenet, let's call him MOOSE (because he wants it that way. His initials are C. L.)

It's amazing that if you stir up the whole world to retrieve a working BTM version from the Usenet (it took a LOT of blood, sweat and tears to get *that* version and the guy was very busy so he wasn't easy to persuade to transfer this original version by hand), it gets spread to all and sundry real soon.
At the beginning of March, i thanked him very very much that he eventually decided to donate his version to the Amiga community; first, I only uploaded it to *my* site and posted the link to nice people who I know had problems to get past level 1.
Yes it was in March 03, 2000, I remember very well.

Jeez, the internet is a crazy thing, ain't it
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