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Setting up game port controls HELP

I am a proud owner of an Amiga 500 that has now finally been put to rest as I transfer my entire game collection over to the pc. I am having a major problem when it comes to setting up the controls in winuae or win fellow.

I want to set it up so that i use the keyboard as like a joystick. So I set port 0 to keyboard layout B. The problem is the fire buttons work but the cursor keys don’t! I have tried all the other keyboard layouts and nothing works with them. Although if I was to loadup the workbench I can type as normal. What am i doing wrong here? This also goes when using wifellow and I have tried version 0.8 to 1.0 of winuae and the recent version of winfellow. If it helps I am using a UK layout keyboard but I doubt that would make a difference.

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You should be setting port 1 for the joystick, not port 0. port 0 should be the mouse. only a very very small percentage of games looked for the joystick in port 0 by default.
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Thnx for you response. When i do that some games such as rick dangerous will work fine but there is one i realy want working which is xenon 2 megablast.

For this one i d/l it of the net but since i own the game its all fine. When i set the mouse to port 0 and keyboard layout b the arrow keys will not work. AWhat actualy happens is then the mouse becomes the arrow keys as such but with only one firing mode. If i reverse these settings around only the fire keyboard keys work. What else could i be doig wrong?

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