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Hi all...

Hi everyone,

glad to be here.

Here's a quick(ish) rundown on my Amiga experience:

Bought new A500 back in 1988. Variously upgraded it over time and ended up with what was, in affect, a 500+ with external 20mb harddisk & 28MHz accelerator.
Took this to uni with me in '93.
[regular reader of: Amiga Format, Amiga Computing, Amiga INternational and The One]
Sold it all off to afford a CD32 with SX-1 in '95 (wooooo, AGA! )
Unfortunately due to necessity of Windows software etc., this only lasted a year or so...

Anyway, fast forward to 2005 and, having been using Cloanto's Amiga Forever (which I still upgrade every year), I managed to get hold of a decently priced A4000D.
Started adding cards to it:- Accelerator, GFX, sound etc. But the motherboard (which was slightly corroded due to earlier battery leakage) gave up on me and, to this day still will not boot past a Yellow or Green screen).
Sold my add-in cards to fund an A1200 towered project, which I still have and it works fine, with accelerator, Mediator, Flicker-fixer etc.
But somehow this isn't really making me as happy as it should - I need my A4000 to live again!
So, I decided to join you in the hope that I can get hold of a working motherboard and be part of a lively Amiga Scene once more....

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