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Are 8-bit games for CHILDREN?

I grew up with the Atari 600/800XL series of computers and liked the graphics and gameplay in each one, in several notable games like Blue Max, Bruce Lee and Boulder Dash.

However, in my 30s and playing Boulder Dash to an 11-year old neighbour kid, no problems. Then Blue Max, again, no problems. But a few minutes into a round or so of Datasoft's Mr. Do!, the kid pipes up, "why are you playing a kid's game?"

I shouldn't be surprised, as Mr. Do! IS a kid's game, with the cutesy clown avatar, the bug-eyed monsters and the sets of 8 cherries all over the map that require collection to a complete musical score for extra points, and is it any surprise that the kid would say that? I should feel humiliated!

I didn't feel too bad, however, as the violence in Boulder Dash shows: Start in Cave M, clear the dirt for the amoeba to kill the butterflies with no obstacles, and most of all, drop boulders on them to kill them as well, then that would surely appeal to kids' more adult instincts?
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Well if that is true, call me a kid. HA HA!! Mr Do! is king.

I think Nintendo would prove that theory wrong.
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Well did we originally play them as kids? Yes.

But (And this is my go to analogy)...Are model railways for kids?

Well yes. But that doesn't stop adults returning to, and loving them.
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Eh video games were never really for children, children were just more accepting of new things. Most kids are not actually very good at video games. "Young adults" (i.e. starting around 12 or so) is when young people actually develop all the skills to do well. When you're that old, you're no longer in the "clown at birthday party" demographic.
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I've never considered the child like visuals of some computer games to mean they are for children. It's more about the difficulty level and gameplay for me that helps me decide what age range it's for.

One of my favourite Amiga games Rainbow Islands has some of the most childish looking graphics you can imagine, to the point I know it puts some people off playing it, but the gameplay difficulty, control mechanics and depth of the game tells me it is not for children and so I don't consider it that way. In fact, I don't care about the art style at all. It's all about the gameplay. Same goes the the 2D Mario games.
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there are many games in 8-bit that are for adult players (death, blood, war game). But some puzzle game, educational, sports for sure are ok for children.
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Originally Posted by 005AGIMA View Post
[...] But (And this is my go to analogy)...Are model railways for kids? [...]
It makes me think of a joke:
Q: "What is the difference between model railways and a woman's breast ?"
A: There is no difference... They are both intended for kids but dad plays with.

Regarding this thread's original question, I think that video games were initially made for "young" adults, not for children.
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Also keep in mind that a lot of the cutesiest games came from Japan.

Japan: Cute things are appealing. Let's make cute games so that people that appreciate cute things will play them!
The West: All these newfangled video games from Japan are super cute. Adults only like grim and gritty stuff, so they must be for kids -- we'd better market all this video game stuff as toys.
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