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Covert BitMap to ImageData for Bobs

I'm just trying to display a Bob using the GELs system.

RKRM Libraries page 637 contains a description of the image format needed to display a Bob properly.

However I loaded the image already using datatypes. Now I've a pointer to the struct BitMap of the image data.

I just don't know how to convert it.

Is there any known way to convert the BitMap->Planes to the Bob format?
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Thomas Richter
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Originally Posted by thyslo View Post
Is there any known way to convert the BitMap->Planes to the Bob format?
It's really quite simple. The bob "ImageData" field is the concatenation of all image planes, bob->Depth of them. Each plane is an array that is (bob->Width + 15) & -16 bytes wide and bob->Height lines high. Or to put it in simple words, if you have a "struct Bitmap", and this bitmap is non-interleaved, planar, then "bob->ImageData" is simply the concatenation of all the data which is found in the Bitmap->PlanePtrs. For example:
 NEWOB myNewBob = {      /* Data for the new ob structure defined in animtools.h */         bob_data2,NULL, /* Image,ColorSet */         32,4,2,2,       /* Width,Heigth,Depth,RasterDepth       */         160,100,        /* x,y                  */         SAVEBACK | OVERLAY,ISBOB,       /* Flags,ExtraFlags     */         3,0,            /* PlanePick,PlaneOnOff         */         0,0             /* meMask,hitMask */ };
is a bob of 32 pixels wide and 4 pixels high, two bitplanes. A potential image data array then reads as follows:
 UWORD __chip bob_data2[2*2*GEL_SIZE]={         /*plane 1*/         0xaaaa,0xaaaa,0xaaaa,0xaaaa,0xaaaa,0xaaaa,0xaaaa,0xaaaa,         /*plane 2*/         0x5555,0x5555,0x5555,0x5555,0x5555,0x5555,0x5555,0x5555 };
HTHH, Thomas
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