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thought id just add a tip, not sure if it hasn't already been said.

when doing my a1200 recap I used foil tape, the stuff you can buy in wikes etc. its for taping up pipe insulation, so its sticky one side. it seems to fix components under it so they don't blow away, and deflect or spread the heat so you don't start getting other components and plastics melting.
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I started to recap my Amiga A500 and was having trouble removing the two big 3300μF caps on the board. Did they glue down some of the big caps or did I just catch some early leakage holding the part? When I pulled the caps it left some of the bottom of the capacitors case stuck to the board.

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It is quite common for large components to be glued down.
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Originally Posted by idrougge View Post
It is quite common for large components to be glued down.
Thanks, I was hoping that was the case.
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Old 10 March 2018, 11:38   #245
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I've got only two things to say:
1. Rosin is your friend!!
2. Don't breathe the fumes. A cheap fan ripped from a PSU or whatever can be used as a simple fume extractor if even just to move the fumes away from your face.

Built this stand from an old PSU fan and cardboard. With a little creativity, you could also add a carbon filter mat on the back.

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For those who want to save money and are looking into 'smd soldering' my post is for you, those who financially better off and can afford a soldering station this post doesn't apply to your budget although it may be helpful I hope.

I started through-hole soldering around Sept 2017 (Nes famicom AV CPU/PPU replacement with hdmi kit) with a 10 quid iron (40 watt) and later in 2017 Oct/Nov I bought a '555' LED Kit off ebay for 2-3 quid and some flux pen. Yep that's all it takes to get your butt over to SMT soldering on the cheap... granted you'll be buying a cheap pcb with cheap chips and cheap leds/resistors but let's also appreciate the budget level entry here... we get to mess up with cheap parts before we take on a bigger deal later, and this is where confidence and experience start to take a hole at little risk to you - my partner even had a go, so with a little guidance and flux and despite never ever holding a soldering iron before she managed to solder a 8-soic in no time , so you can too!

I later learned that the flux pen was absolutely wack, it ran out quickly and did a very poor job I was recommended to try Rf-800... long story short rf-800 is cheap, lasts a long time and has high performance results and best of all it cleans away quite easily with Isopropyl and a good quality kitchen paper is essential to soak up the flux/propyl and you won't get far without a paint bush either, keep it clean though it can gunk up over time!

Now I know the disadvantage of using a low wattage iron which probably is a piece of crap at the end of the day is that you don't know the temperature you're working with but the other advantage is it's piss poor and won't let you do too much damage provided you're not going to abuse your poor pcb with it - ground planes are a nightmare with a cheap iron and that's something you will consider when recapping an a500 but for smd work this doesn't actually apply here, or rather I fail to think where it would. A bigger tip actually works better than a smaller tip for SMD bigger tips distribute across the pins which allows you to drag solder more efficiently than a tiny tip which would distribute heat to a smaller area, which effectively will make it harder.

I'm going to continue using my cheap iron for all projects big and small because quite frankly it works for me, so don't be intimidated by the huge costs of solder stations etc it's not critical and will not give you '1337 skills' either, it's all about your confidence and your experience and that's the key factor in my opinion.

Other great handy tools are:

- a pair of tweezers
normally i use my fingers for IC's but tweezers for resistors/caps/Leds etc...

- Engineer Ss-02 with silicone nozzle
absolutely brilliant! compared to the plastic tips

- jewelers lens
required for smd, for hunting shorts/ poor solder joints, and to inspect your lovely work!

- cheap fume extractor
required, flux/lead solder is horrible don't breath it in, toxic dangerous makes you sick... you know the drill

- brass wool
amazing stuff, buy 5 of them off auction site for cheap and put them in a old jam jar better than a wet sponge, clean tip, keeps it healthy longer.

In all you can get all the above for less than 30-50 quid shopping around on auction sites. Any questions feel free to PM me I am happy to help anyone starting out, I was a newbie too and still learning, always learning!

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I have a cheap soldering station and it's surprisingly good:

Big Clive review here:
[ Show youtube player ]

A jewelers lens/loupe is great. Get one with built in leds.

Stainless steel kitchen scrubbers are also good for cleaning.
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Old 27 June 2018, 18:28   #248
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I recommend this video to understand how, when, and why to use flux in soldering jobs

[ Show youtube player ]
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Originally Posted by nogginthenog View Post
I have a cheap soldering station and it's surprisingly good:
BTW, I was in ALDI today and they had a solder station for £19.99. It appeared to have a temperature control, but the iron was huge! Like the size of a regular soldering iron. Cable seemed fairly flexible though.
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Old 28 June 2018, 20:19   #250
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A million seller for industrial business, solid quality, good price. 4 Tips for under 10 euros, have it since many years with pretty results.
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A JBC soldering station and a hot air 8586 station. I'm looking for some decent rafter.
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