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Theme Park HD install issues

Ok I thought I'd be best making a new thread on this since the last one I created isn't 100% relevant to the issue I'm having.

Basically I have installed Theme Park AGA to my hard drive. It gives an error when I try and run it from Workbench but runs fine from command line, which will do.

The problems I'm having are:

Saves don't save - I can access them as long as I'm playing but as soon as I quit the game the saves are gone, verified by looking in the Saves folder of the install.

When I click the tick to exit the Stock screen the colours invert and it stops doing anything. Music continues to play and the screen flashes when I click the tick but the screen is un-exitable and requires a restart of the game.

Any suggestions? I really want to get this game working!
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Have had exactly the same problem myself with both the WHDLoad and regular installs, I posted about it a while ago. The only reliable saving I have encountered is both running the game and saving via floppy
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I agree, low floppy space is probably the reason. The Amiga I made the test on has 2MB chip and 8MB fast, so insufficient RAM should not be the reason.
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Same deal here (more or less)...

Theme Park is a cool classic and it's unfortunate to see that after all those years, the game still has a ton of issues that remain unsolved....

I'll try to list some of those (together with possible workarounds). For the record, the machine I'm using is a 1200 equipped with a blizzard 030/50 with 64mb. The Theme Park version is the AGA one:

-whdload version: completely unplayable after a few minutes due to severe frame rate drop. This seems to be unrelated with what is going on on screen...

-floppy versions: I tried to play the game from floppy but it refuses to work... After a couple of seconds reading the first disk, the game reaches a light blue screen and the machine freezes. I tried various floppies and even created new disks from adf versions but always the result is the same. I can verify that the game DID work ok from floppies when I had my 1200 without the accelerator. Perhaps this is the culprit here?

-HD installed version (SFS partition): as @britain4 pointed out:
a) double click on the "GO" icon (that starts the game) crashes the system. This can be bypassed -though- if you run the game from cli or simply double click and execute the "park" file within the folder (which bypasses the intro).
b) Saving does not work correctly. While you can save and load fine in one gaming session, once you close the game all your saves are gone (and the saves folder remains empty)! This is quite strange actually cause after numerous attempts I DID manage to save once (but only once in -say- 30 tries). After that, still nothing...
c) Stock screen issue: I cannot confirm that problem. It seems my version works fine here.

-HD installed version (FFS partition): This is the only option that worked for me. Here game saving works and save files are indeed created but still the whole deal is inconsistent and has various issues:
Saves created are named after the name you choose at the "player name" or "nickname" tag when you start a new game. But if you select any name, other then "bullfrog" (which is the default one at the setup screen) and you do a new save using that, the next time you start the game again it seems that all your saves are gone (even though those are still inside the saves folder). There's a solution to this: you need to start a new game and select at the setup screen the same name you used at your saves. You don't need to fill in any other info here, just the name. Then, after the game starts your saves will be accessible once again.
Unfortunately (and here is the inconsistency) this does not always works as so... Sometimes, the saves are still nowhere to be loaded. In that case (and if you are still ...ahem..."logged-in" with the same name) what you need to do is simply make a new save (prefferably at an unused slot, in order not to overwrite your other saves). This will -again- make your saves accessible.

Bugs aside, this above logging-like system that affects saving and loading is quite strange actually cause it seems to be deliberate. The game offers only 9 slots for saving but this is restricted per name used. In that sense you can have -f.e.- 9 saves (total) under the name "BULLFROG" and another 9 saves under the name "TSAK" and so on... A close look at the saves name structure reveals this: So you'd have saves named like BULLFROG.g0, BULLFROG.g1, TSAK.g0, TSAK.g1 e.t.c.

The unfortunate thing here is that there's no hint or indication for the end user that this system exists (if that's really the case after all) and how to use it... At the start menu, the game gives you only access to save games named after the BULLFROG default -if you have any- otherwise you'd get only empty slots (even though your saves directory might be full with saves named otherwise).
Your only option (as mentioned above) in order to access those saves is to start a new game using the same name you used before, go through the complete procedure and -finally load within the game.
And as a cherry on top, there's not a single mention about the whole deal at the manual...
Go figure...
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