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Was Nebulus That Difficult?

Hi all, I'm guessing many of us have played Nebulus/Tower Toppler at some point on one of the many formats, It's a very clever challenging game but was it really that difficult?
I managed to do a no death run on Nebulus with commentary on the Amiga yesterday (video below) and I've also managed no death runs on the ZX Spectrum & C64 versions,...a good feat or not so?!

Nebulus "no death run" with commentary: [ Show youtube player ]
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I have rage quit that game so many times

Don't think I ever got off level 1
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Hard? Two words: "Swimmer's Delight"

Feckin' hated that level.
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I spent more times dying then playing i think
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Depends how you look at it. For today standards many (or even most) Amiga games are very hard. Back in the days, I can imagine someone purchase it, and playing with much more patiense, then in this game
But yeah... Nebulus is pretty hard, no duobt.
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Originally Posted by ransom1122 View Post
I spent more times dying then playing i think
Yeah me too... frustrating game and I quickly gave up; back in the day.
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I remember playing that on C64 like hell. I dont remember it so difficult.
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I think the folks at Disaster Labs summed it up best. The core gameplay wouldn't be too bad if it weren't for A. platforms that disappear the moment you step on them and which are impossible to distinguish from the platforms that don't, and B. what the aforementioned writers dubbed "the everlasting gobstopper," that damned thing that is essentially impossible to avoid getting hit by. Those two things take it from merely challenging to wildly aggravating.
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I liked the idea of the game, but I found it too hard too quickly.

There was no gentle progression, no learning curve, I think the furthest I ever got was level 3.

it could have had a lot more levels and had the early ones be a lot easier.

A shame because the presentation is excellent.
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Very unforgiving, basically a game you need to learn by heart like Rick Dangerous..
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I've very good fun with Nebulus, the idea is really good.

I played to Nebulus 2 for a challenge and i must say that Nebulus 2 is really hard compared to Nebulus. Why do they make Nebulus 2 so hard ?
But it's a well played to go to the end of Nebulus with no death !
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