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A600 burned (apollo 620 faulty)

I´ve just burned my old A600, it started to smell and when I noticed it was late. I will send some pics if I can borrow a camera.

It can be due to a bad solder job I did, because my Apollo 620 became unstable. So I have to service both things, and I don´t know who can do this.

Although I´ve found another a600 second hand (hope in transit), I wont plug that accellerator. I have some things for you people:

-Anyone knows/can service it? Does it worth the money? I would service both.

If not

-I really need RAM rather than 020´s or speed because I only use my amiga for tracking music, so I need a stable system too. I know that accelerator is a rare piece, I would even swap it for a working card/expansion if anyone is interested

My intention is to give a better home for that Apollo 620. I have a box with some (few) 4mb and 8mb that would be included.

If nobody wants trade nor servicing possible, what would you do?
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Buy a new ACA620? They are not that rare if you can just pick one up from the shop.

If you just need the RAM, buy a RAM board from Kipper2k.
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Sorry, my english is very poor. Im asking for someone who can test and/or repair the Apollo 620. If someone is a collector and wants to trade somehow, I would change that apollo for anything like chip or fast ram. I would pay the difference if any.

If nobody wants to trade, please, let me know WHO deserves it and I would give that card for free, because I think its a rare thing that must be preserved.


Hope you understand my english. If not, please some spanish user assist me!

BTW: @Jope, I think I will take the kipper´s option. I appreciate that dude work.
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Please give it to me! I'll treat it right

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Thanks, PM sent. Im trying trade in 1st instance.
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