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SCR Replays?

I've been playing a lot of SCR lately and it occurs to me that it's still a bloody fine game, even on a stock-standard Amiga. Since increasing the framerate seems to be a bridge too far, I was wondering whether it might be easier to create a replay, playable on a Windows PC, from in-game data. I've had plenty of thrilling races that I would love to see rendered in higher resolution with a silky framerate and thought this might satisfy SCR player cravings...
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I'm no expert in video but I think the best you'll manage is running it through a TV or perhaps a TV card(if they exist) with Intelligent Frame Creation technology, most TV's have it these days. I've not read the thread but if SCR is for example 15fps (it seemed like it iirc) and you simply convert it to 60fps, you're just going to get each of the rendered frame being repeated 4 times and it will still be choppy.

I'm not even sure IFC will make it 60fps as it seems to work by inserting a single frame that is a mix of the last and next frame, so it'll probably be more like 30fps assuming SCR is 15fps to begin with. I could be wrong about how IFC works but I think that's right.
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Ah, I see I failed to explain myself properly. What I was thinking was that the Amiga game's race data (height, speed, position, etc) could be translated into coordinates which could then be rendered separately as an action replay - not just a re-run but allowing for external cameras - trackside, heli, free, etc.

I guess it would have to be done via emulation but, since SCR is a pure 3D game, I imagined it might be easier to isolate the changing coordinates (like the old Action Replays) and capture them in real-time.

Of course, there's always the possibility that I'm just talking a load of old toot.
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There is actually a SmoothFrameratePatch (https://github.com/fluffyfreak/stunt...FrameratePatch) for that StuntCarRacer remake up on my GitHub
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