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Originally Posted by Daedalus View Post
If you have an A600 or A1200, a PCMCIA-CF adaptor is a good option too. Fat95 and compactflash.device are two packages I would consider essential on a new installation for that reason - they make transferring everything else so much easier.
This is absolutely essential for any A600/A1200 setup, in my opinion.
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start with archivers..


Packers to pack you text files for use with ppmore
Packit used powepacker.library
PowerPacker data and exe compressor/cruncher.
Imploder exe compressor
StoneCracker exe compressor/cruncher and data.. but no runtime datadecruncher..
CrM aka CrunchMania + RTDD to decrunch the data for use with ppmore.
XPK master and sublibrarys for use with any app that supported them
Xfddecrunch.library decrunch.library and unpacker.library see above
so you could recrunch poorly crunched exe files..with STC

Hippoplayer for music
Noiseplayer 4 for playing a single module in the background

Edword for text editing
Memacs as above..part of workbench..

PPmore powerpacker text viewer
MMPP muchmore powerpacker as above..
Next used xpk / powerpacker/ xfddecrunch.. read files from within archives requires Lha/lzx to unarchive the file temp.
XPKGuide for viewing .guide files.

Pro-Wizard for converting compressed promizer etc .mod files back to protracker format.

Snoopdos so you can find out why some app isnt loading and find it needs a certain file /library/font which you dont have
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Does it matter which PCMCIA-CF adaptor I buy ?
Will they all fit in A1200 port ?
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With WiFi cards it has always essential that they are 16bit, and now reading your question I looked at it a bit to look for the reason. Seems 32bit PCMCIA is a bit different (also) physically so it will probably not even fit - and that naturally goes for any PCMCIA's, not just the WiFi's which have been speculated many times over the years.

When buying any 'generic hardware' for use with Amigas I usually buy them from Amiga shops (for example Vesialia.de in Germany) excactly for this reason, their stuff will fit & work with Amiga but when buying from somewhere else they for sure know nothing about A :-D

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My most used programmes

Image mount (like GoADF!, also mounts HDF and ISO files)
Wordworth 7
ImageFX 4.5
ADPro 2.5
Ibrowse 2.5 (keep meaning to buy full copy)
Warp Datatypes
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Now some other question

Got a ACA1232-20 card in my A1200

With Kickstart 3.1.4 do I need to add more arguments to ACATune than 'acatune maprom *' ?
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