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Can sound buffer setting have a very subtle effect?

I have just been listening to the Agony titlemusic again.

I am using Portaudio+Async4All (15 ms hardware-buffer+128 samples buffer) on Windows XP (directsound gives me pitch shifts that I don't like), Fullscreen+Vsync. So there should be no WinUAE pitch shifting as far as I understand it.

I feel that the sound is just _slightly_ better with a WinUAE sound buffer at 3 instead of 1. However it is a very subtle effect, e.g. a slightly more defined sound, slightly better pitch.

Is this possible to have such a subtle effect or am I hearing ghosts, like the people who de-magnetize their cds to make them sound better?

I always thought the sound buffer could be reduced until there's no pbvious "crackle" in the sound, which was always very obvious to hear. With Async4all I seem to be able to go down to 1 on the buffer in WinUAE.

EDIT: Also, I think Agony title music is off-pitch in WinUAE compared to real Amiga, but I am comparing to my memory, so I might be wrong.

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