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startup-sequence locked


I have this minor problem from the very begining of using WinUAE but I never consider it to be worth of reporting. Now, when the update cycle of WinUAE releases is longer than before I decided to overcome my lazyness so the bug can be fixed in next release, hopefully.

So what is the problem? It seems the startup-sequence is always locked (file in use) so it cannot be altered. For example microgolded reports the file cannot be deleted, etc. Fortunately microgolded saves the changes anyway.

I am using NTFS directory for Amiga emulation (not hardfile).

Similar bug was already described here.
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I had crashes with AmiKit & WinUAE as well. And microgolded had problems to save the config. But using a hardfile solved all my problems. Are these mounted "folder hd" crashes fixable?
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Hi Jan,

although I never had any similar case under WinUAE with my WB 3.9 yet
and I don't know the reason for this problem, you could try / check this:

1.) Disable ShowAmiga96

2.) Does EndCLI >NIL exist in the last line ?

3.) Change every "command x y z" in the startup-sequence into
"command <NIL: x y z" or "command <NIL: >NIL: x y z" where possible.
If this helps, try to find the line which uses the script as input/output.

4.) If nothing works, disable some parts of your startup-sequence.

5.) Are the commands "Run" and "Execute" the originals from OS 3.9 ?

6.) Check the PIPE: and STDIO: in Devs:dosdrivers and the handlers in L:

7.) Check the shell-startup script

8.) Don't use "C:command" in the startup-sequence, because "C:"
is in your path by default, just use "command" in order not to
replace the internal commands of the shell with older external versions

9.) Make sure, that for every "if" is a matching "endif" somewhere below.

10.) Use another editor

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Hi Peter! How are you?

Thanks for suggestions but I am afraid the startup-sequence is locked even if you boot without s-s! I can't even rename it!
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Have you tried it with a hardfile?
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I am pretty sure it is the WinUAE directory emulation issue 'cause it does not happen with hardfile, as Retro-Nerd reported.
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It doesn't happen with anything else but AmiKit, either.
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Toni Wilen
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Hmm.. Conflicting replies

It happens on my custom workbench installation but I haven't really examined it yet.. (I am not sure if it is application or emulation bug)
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heh, thanks god it's not "AmiKit only"
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Toni Wilen
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Originally Posted by glwxxx
Thanks for suggestions but I am afraid the startup-sequence is locked even if you boot without s-s! I can't even rename it!
Can you confirm this? Happens with all Kickstart versions? Or only if KS3.x+Setpatch is run?
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well, it seems we're getting somewhere. This is the begining of my startup-sequence of OS3.9-BB2, kick3.1:

C:Safe RENRAM OWNOUT MOUNTSIZE=6684 ;Checks for viruses

C:LoadModule L:Ram-Handler L:Shell-Seg LIBS:icon.library LIBS:workbench.library LIBS:mathieeesingbas.library DEVS:console.device REVERSE NOREBOOT ;makes the modules resident (similar to SetPatch)


Set SCSIUpdate 1
Set SCSIUpdate 0
If EXISTS SYS:Expansion/XSurfIDE
Set SCSIUpdate 0
Set SCSIUpdate 0
If $SCSIUpdate EQ 1
SetPatch SKIPROMMODULES ram-handler,shell,console.device QUIET

SetPatch SKIPROMMODULES ram-handler,shell,console.device,scsi.device QUIET
Unset SCSIUpdate

I found out that everytime I started WinUAE and booted without s-s the LoadModule and SetPatch was already run so the system was already rebooted once and then the early startup menu was displayed.

So in this case if I boot without s-s, the startup-sequence is locked.

Otherwise, if I manage to get to early startup menu immediately after WinUAE was run and I boot without s-s, the startup-sequence is NOT locked.

Then if I run SetPatch, system reboots and I boot without s-s, it is locked (object in use)! It happens even if I run SetPatch with following arguments: SKIPROMUPDATES ram.handler,shell,console.device,scsi.device

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