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Unhappy Stock A1200 crashing and audio problems.

I'm in the US but have a stock PAL A1200. It kept crashing. I was testing it by running AHX tracker from a floppy. Whenever I loaded and played a song, it would play for a few seconds with garbled audio and then crash. I kept getting errors "8000 0003" and "8100 0005".

So I replaced all the capacitors. It did need that because one of the through-hole caps was bulging, and one of the SMD caps had leaked. It still boots up, but has the same problems! In fact, now sometimes I get the error messages, and sometimes the screen goes glitchy and freezes while glitchy audio keeps playing. It also crashes even if I just go into the Amiga's own audio settings and try to play the test beep.

Why is this happening and how do I fix it?!


EDIT: Other possibly useful things to know... It's motherboard revision 1D4. The only socketed chips on it are the two Kickstart ROMs, which say version 3.0.

EDIT2: Could the problem be the hard drive? PSU? Floppy drive? Bad chips? Virus?

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Not entirely sure but it sounds like you've got a hardware fault - if the caps were done properly. Since it seems sound related I would start by looking at circuitry surrounding Paula - cap acid could have damaged a track / component connection. The worst case is its a RAM fault - try running memory testers to see if you get failures on similar address ranges.

Obviously rule out basics first - PSU noise, remove any expansions etc.

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