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Originally Posted by spoUP View Post
Can you do a mac build of the editor?
We would like to try it out but we are on Macs!
If a Mac version isn’t soon, VMware Fusion is free now for intel macs and I’ve occasionally been using Scorpion in that and it works great. (WinUAE and fs-uae run terribly in VMWare, makes more sense to run the Mac versions of FS-UAE and just compile in Scorpion rather than using the “run in WinUAE/fs-uae” buttons in the Scorpion UI.

Edit: worth noting that Windows 10 is essentially free too if you’re just using it for something like this, you can just download it from MS and not activate it..

@earok the ramps are incredible!

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Awesome work! I sooo need some spare time to have fun experimenting ideas with this!
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Cheers all

Well overdue, but I've started to get AlarCity across to the engine.

Planning on releasing a small update in a couple of days with a raft of minor fixes (Simplistic snake sample game, ability to set Fire1 as jump for games without shooting, couple of bug fixes for the Backbone importer).

I've had talk with a couple of people about a potential Mac port, the problem is the engine and editor is still in a very fluid state so maintaining a Mac version simultaneously would slow down development of core features. I may come back to it later once it's in a much more mature state.
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Originally Posted by earok View Post
Cheers all

Well overdue, but I've started to get AlarCity across to the engine.

Oh wow, great news!!!
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I'm sure this will boost Amiga development. Well done!
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This looks amazing. I hope we get some quality action adventures in Zelda or Square/Enix style at some point.
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That would be cool we'll keep improving the engine and adding more RPG features as we develop Scorpion.

Ahem, Scorpion Editor 2021.1b is out. Mostly a minor update with bug fixes and a new demo.


Snake is not an advanced game, but the demo shows the flexibility of the level block system. Games like lode runner, bomber man and boulder dash should be perfectly possible.

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