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Ok now STU and go do the port, dude!
Was that polite enough?
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The only thing I can say is that Super Sprint on the ST is an awesome game, I played it a lot at 3 with many friends. I just want the same game maybe with better graphics and sounds but please keep the same algorithms.
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I too would love to see super sprint on the Amiga one day. Comparing it to nitro or supercars is kinda flawed as a non scrolling overhead racer is totally different if you ask me. Not being able to see the whole track and racers at a glance just makes it a different type of game.

Badlands is pretty damned close if not an updated "distopian future sprint" with honourable mentions to Indy heat and Ivan ironman stewarts super offroad.
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Thread closed at Galahad's request.

Please open a new one to discuss Super Sprint on Amiga, just remember Galahad cannot do it!
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