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Old 16 January 2003, 18:07   #1
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Big grin My Amiga Collection

I have just bought these lot from a true amiga collector whom just wanted to sell off all his collections

It costs me a fortune, to ship these to my location

23 x A500's (2 motherboards that need minor repairs, the rest 21 worked fine)
2 x A4000
2 x A600's (1x Boxed)
5 x A1000's
3 x A1200's (1 motherboard needs new gfx chip)
5 x A2000's
2 x CD32 (1x Boxed)
2 x A1200 tower both with blizzard / 64 mb ram
1 x A1000 Sidecar
4 x A590's (1x Boxed)
1 x GVP A500 HD +8
1 x A570 (Boxed)
1 x SX1 (CD32 Expansion)
12 x External Disk Drives
10+ Monitors (A few work, some need minor repair)
1 x Zip Drive (minus power supply)
5 x RF Modulators
App. 30 Amiga Joysticks
App. 30 Amiga Mice
1 x VXL 030 Card For A500 (Boxed)
1 x MBX 1200z + 4 meg ram
App. 5 x 2 Way Rom Switcher's
1 x 3 Way Rom Switcher
1 x Mega Midget Racer 030 Card for A500 + 8 megs ram
1 x SVGA Card For A500 (already mounted in an A500)
1 x Surf Squirrel (Boxed)
2 x Joy Mouse Auto Switcher (Boxed)
1 x C64 Emulator + Cord
1 x PC 2 Amiga Linkup Cable (Boxed)
1 x Techno Sound Stereo Sampling Cartridge
1 x Video Master Video Digitizer (For A500)
1 x Live! 2000 Video Card (Boxed)
1 x Power Copy (Boxed)
1 x Rocgen Plus Genlock (Boxed)
1 x Datel Zorro Expansion Board (For A500)
1 x XEL Expansion Card for A500/1000
1 x GVP Impact 2000 SCSI Card
1 x Amiga SCSI & IDE Card For Amiga 2500
1 x 8UP! Memory Card For A2000/3000/4000
1 x RM2MC 2MB Ram Card For A500
2 x Kickstart 3.0 Roms For A1200
1 x Kickstart 2.04 Roms For A500
3 x Kickstart 1.2 or 1.3 Roms for A500
7 x Assorted SCSI Hard Drives
3 x SCSI CDRom's
216+ Amiga CD's (90% Originals)
5500+ Assorted Amiga Floppy Disks (Nearly 75% of known amiga games)
800+ Amiga Coverdisks
100+ Original Amiga Games Disks (Not in original boxes, some have manuals)
App. 80+ Boxed original games
App. 320 Amiga Magazines
1 x Shite load of manuals & books

Not bad for starting off my amiga collecting hobby

I love amiga and its accessories

Hail to the Amiga!
Hail to the Amiga!
Old 16 January 2003, 18:21   #2
Mr Softy
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You are a madman.
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Old 16 January 2003, 18:48   #3
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How much did you pay exactly?
Old 16 January 2003, 19:17   #4
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Holy shit, where'd you ship this stuff from?
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Old 16 January 2003, 19:52   #5
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I'm going to print this out and show it to my wife whenever she complains about the old A2000HD and A1000 sitting in the second bedroom.
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Old 16 January 2003, 19:54   #6
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Old 16 January 2003, 19:54   #7
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wow! way to go man ... hehe
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Old 16 January 2003, 20:03   #8
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the seller is in OZ also
but few thousand miles away from my state.
It cost about US$1000 for this whole stuff.
but prolly shipping it cost more than that
Old 16 January 2003, 20:49   #9
Give up the ghost
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Aye Carumba! I know it will take forever to get around to it, but please check those disks for any titles that might be on my MIA list. HOL/CAPS scans are also a groovy way to make friends and influence people...
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Old 16 January 2003, 21:29   #10
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Hmmm No CDTV on that list
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Old 17 January 2003, 00:24   #11
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I can't even imagine how much SPACE you need for this.... incredible!
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Old 17 January 2003, 01:14   #12
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but please check those disks for any titles that might be on my MIA list
this might take months
Old 17 January 2003, 04:20   #13
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Oh, just such a tiny collection ? Cute
Hey, this isn't even worth to be called a collection !
Only 23 Amiga-500 ?
I think you really need a few more
Btw, you aren't living in a 30sqm flat, aren't you
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Old 17 January 2003, 06:19   #14
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Are you planning on reselling all those items? I dont see why you would want that many A500's.

Out of curiosity whats the voltage used in australia
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Old 17 January 2003, 06:44   #15
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The voltage in Australia is 240 Volts.
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Old 17 January 2003, 07:47   #16
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Wait, let me guess you bought it off a guy from Perth on ebay... I was looking at that lot aswell... but like you I live 3000km+ from him and I live in an apartment with a shitload of amiga gear as it is Well done on getting an awsome piece of amiga gear. If your interested in selling some bits, (because I see you have some spares ) pm me. cheers.
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Old 17 January 2003, 17:40   #17
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yeah this guy is moving out to a new home.
decides to sell off all his amiga stuffs.
That list on his ebay auction is obsolete, the above is also not current as he found more stuff when cleaning his house for the move.

I dont think I will spend so much on shipping, instead I will rent a car with trailer and spend 2 days driving all the way to his state
I sure hope on the way back there wont be any rain along the way

Its going to be hell to check all those disks, but I'll check for any games on MIA list

Yep no CDTV, I asked the guy and he said that time was too expensive to import a CDTV from UK

my house is small but wife and son dont argue much I use one room dedicated for amiga stuffs.
Old 18 January 2003, 18:46   #18
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Yeh but i bet you will moan cuzz you cant move around in that room until you sort it out.... that lot will give you months of endless fun too!

Thats the sign of a true amiga nut! when you are swamped from all sides by amiga kit
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Old 19 January 2003, 01:57   #19
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And I thought having

BOTH a 500 AND a 1200 was wild???!!??

What can I say, impressive.

As mentioned earlier, let the rest of us know, (in a year or two, when you've figured out what you want for yourself) if you have any spares.

I know I live on the other side of the world, but I'm sure we can figure something out. I have family in the US, and maybe I can convince them to visit you and buy what I want (that is IF you do want to sell any of it)

Or you could make a net-cafe with amiga's :hoo
Old 19 January 2003, 02:49   #20
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haha.. thats insane..
Please take som pictures of the 23 A500's lined up when you picked them up...
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