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Games with collision detection disabling cheat?

I want to introduce my daughter, who is not yet five years old, to Amiga gaming. The main reason is that my "this is not for you, it's grown up stuff" does not really work on her anymore, she gets suspicious when she sees me playing games like Rainbow Islands. I know she will be frustrated if she keeps losing lives, even if they're infinite, so can anyone recommend some titles where you can disable collision detection to get her started with?

I want something cartooney and colorful, preferably a platform game with animals. And I would like the cheat to be in a WHDLoad slave, not a disk.
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I guess nobody could think of one. But I found an excellent candidate, Dyna Blaster:

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Cheat... cheat... there are TONS of trainers by crackers.
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Z out has native collision off j+k A500 only or whdload.

Also if whdload is running bckid comes to mind. Children love that and dynablaster.
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Battle Squadron = typing CASTOR ingame.
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Superfrog - the crystal version certainly allowed for disabling of collision detection
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I think she will absolutely adore [ Show youtube player ]

Other suggestions may be:
- Zool
- Arabian knights
- Ruff and Tumble (thou, perhaps boys enjoy more all these shooting )
- Maybe Pinball Dreams? Or some other pinball

... oh and Bubble Bubble...
there's a really plenty games that you can show her...

Btw, in your place, I wouldn't worry much about she will loose interest. I think she will rather loose interest if she had no challenge in gameplay. After all, life is constant failing, and trying until you succeed. She should start learning that.
Sorry, I don't want to interfere in any way with your parenting, just saying (imho) the challenge is always better for kids.
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Thank you all for your input.

I'm all for offering her some challenge where it counts, like when we're solving puzzles or doing other exercises suitable for her age or even a bit older - she's very bright. The thing is, she is allowed very little time in front of a computer screen, normally no more than half an hour during weekends. I'm sure she'd get better if I allowed her enough time to practice, but there will be plenty of time for that as she grows older, she's not even five yet.

At this point, I just want her to get familiar with the joystick, learn that moving the lever makes the sprite go towards that direction and that she needs to synchronize her fire button presses. Trust me, by the time she's 12 she'll be a better gamer than most EABers. And not just because arthritis will have gotten the best of us by then.
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My sister used to love it, and at a point she was better at it than me. It's not hard to play and the WHDLoad slave have some cheats (don't remember if it has invencibility though)

It's also cute, cartoony and with animals
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Unrelated posts (cheating ethics, cracking scene and demo scene history lessons) moved to:
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