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The Commodore Amiga

Hi all,

I'm totally new to this site, but I thought I'd take the liberty of introducing an Amiga themed blog that I've just set up.


Having recently rescued my old Amiga equipment from certain doom at my parents' home, I've been thinking a lot about how completely fantastic the Amiga was (and is), and I have been continually looking for ways to re-Amiga-ify my existence. This blog is one such way.

The content will comprise of Amiga-related memories and thoughts that spring to mind, and just anything cool that's Amiga-related. (Is there anything Amiga-related that isn't cool?)

I'm coming from an old-school perspective, since the Workbench 3.9 onwards era passed me by, unfortunately.

Anyway, I'll be continually developing the site beyond the trivial number of posts there at the moment- it is only a few days old... but please, take a look.

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Nice start, and the "Workbench on a Browser" post will very likely provide the nudge I need to install Chrome on the new laptop I'm posting this from, as it didn't seem to like IE at all. Stick with it, and I'll be looking in from time to time.
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Thanks, Chuckles. I'll keep plugging away on it - I've got a huge list of topics to post on, and every time I have a scan about online on something Amiga-related, something cool always pops up. The browser Workbench clones being a case in point.

Yeah, ditching IE would be a good move.

Nice to get a few visits from this site, but totally gutted to check the Analytics and find that not one visit to thecommodoreamiga.com has been from an Amiga OS... I could of course fire up the A1200T and do it myself, but I'm not sure that the 12 year old Voyager browser would be able to cope...
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Works fine in IE9. Ibrowse and Aweb load thepage, but dont look to great . Netsurf seems to display fine though !. I also wonder if anyone that does attempt to connect with an Amiga browser might also be spoofing as ie/netscape by default as is required by some sites.
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@ blitterobject

welcome back
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That's a great blog. Well done to you for making it Amiga specific. I've recently started a blog and have some Amiga posts planned but don't think I could manage 100% Amiga.

I just read the post about colours on screen and liked that one.

Blog tip: you can use the Facebook app "RSS graffiti" to sync your blog with a Facebook page so all your friends can see it too here's mine: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Blitte...52640538125424. 25 Likes and I can get a custom URL for it
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Originally Posted by klx300r View Post
@ blitterobject

welcome back
You're possibly mistaking me for someone else - I've never posted anywhere as blitterobject before. Unless you mean to welcome back the concept of the blitter object in general?

Originally Posted by Mad-Matt View Post
Works fine in IE9. Ibrowse and Aweb load thepage, but dont look to great . Netsurf seems to display fine though !. I also wonder if anyone that does attempt to connect with an Amiga browser might also be spoofing as ie/netscape by default as is required by some sites.
Yeah, I've spotted couple of generic-looking possible spoofs in there. Shame on Google for not being smart enough to notice an Amiga. I've installed a plugin on the site that lists browser and OS against comments. It lists some Amiga browser and OS combinations as amongst those it recognises, so we'll see how that fares...

I'll need to check out the state of play with Amiga browsers at the moment, and make any adjustments to compensate for any problems.

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I am moderately in love with your avatar. Also, your site. Keep it up man.
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Thanks. Moderate love sounds reasonable- I think I'd be a bit creeped out if it was anything more.

Yeah, I'm constantly busy so it's hard to find the time to post regularly, let alone implement the bucket fill routine I've worked out for the javascript / html5 Dpaint. Will happen, though. That's what I keep telling the world...

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