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AmithlonUpdate project canceled

Guido Mersmann posts: " Guido Mersmann told us that AmithlonUpdate which is available in Aminet will be not further developed but deleted from it. He further wrote:

"Because Bernd Meyer just has told me in the public Yahoo mailing list AmithlonOpen that I am not allowed to use the archives which he made available I cannot continue developing it. Unfortunately the users will lose a project because of a personal conflict of two people.

The still existing archives will be deleted from Aminet as soon as possible. Because as I know the Aminet is still offline the AmithlonUpdate V1.30 and the corresponding source code archive which were going to be uploaded will be deleted, too."

Source: amiga-news.de
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Bwaha. I took a quick read on the list. Good God, they're behaving like LITTLE KIDS!
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I took a good long read. Last time I posted on any amiga board concerning current actions (OS4, amithlon etc) was about 6 months ago and said "FFS stop bitching and get on with doing something positive", so I am pretty divorced from what's going on.

I think I can safely say after reading the lot that Guido was being the arse in this matter, bringing up one developer who didn't include source ages ago and having a go at Bernie for it for some reason I couldn't figure - which just escalated into a "you said this" "no i didn't I said THIS" "you're a cock" type argument.

I must say that if bernie kept off these boards and spent the time he saved finding out a way to make Bernithon or whatever it's going to be called, free from any possible action from Harold Franck, then we'd possibly have something legal to play with in 6 months.
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