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Amiga 500 games not loading?

I have an A500 with a 512KB expansion in, I put Top Gear 2 in as it needs a 1Mb total and pretty sure it ran on the A500 before. All it does it load, load, stop loading then load again with the V1.3 showing, blank, showing, blank etc..

What on earth is going on? I'm half tempted to buy another one at this rate.

I have an A1200 if that's gonna help? But it shows a purple screen with a disk going in. Also trying to sort that out and at my whits ends with them.

Is this white screen with the work bench and hand disk meaning it WANTS the workbench disks, or any? I do have them somewhere bought.

Edit: I put Brutal Football in and that loads straight away, why won't my other games load??

Edit: Putting top gear 2 in the amiga 1200 shows up the icon df:0 ???? what does that mean?

The 2nd top gear 2 disk shows up on the workbench as TOPGEAR2 and acts as an installer, why does disk 1 show up as df:0???? message ?

dirty drive heads?

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I give up. Shouldn't have bothered should I. so much for an Amiga forum.. No ones knows lol..
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Well it's no ones duty here to debug stuff on demand...

DF0:??? means that the diskette does not contain a regular file system and can't be accessed in Workbench. Many if not most games are like this due to copy protection and other reasons.

The "insert disk" screen means insert Workbench, or any other bootable diskette. 1.3 has the static image with the hand holding a diskette and 2.0 and later have the purple animated screen.

If other games load properly, are you certain that your Top Gear 2 disks are functional in the first place?
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Are you sure you're not trying to run the AGA version of TG2 on the 500?
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