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Dylan Dog: Through the Looking Glass


I originally posted about this in another thread, but it was suggested I make a new one for this specific question.

I'm playing an obscure old Simulondo game called Dylan Dog: Through the Looking Glass, and I'm hopelessly stuck. There does not appear to be any walkthroughs online, and though there are some videos of it on Youtube, none of them seem to show the part where I am stuck (one video series ends just before this point, suggesting that the person playing got just as stuck as me). I've looked at both Italian and English videos.

So here's the deal: I need help to finish the first day where you get access to the cemetary. SPOILERS for what I've done so far:

I've been to Scotland Yard and asked about everyone & everything, I've been to the antique shop and found both the broken mirror and the secret room, where I found a letter & compared it with the burned one from earlier as well as read something about celtic burial rites, and I've been to the cemetary and found the weird note in the sarcophagus. I also met Langford there, but despite trying everything, I couldn't find any way to interact with him.

(I also searched my office first, to find the articles needed to find the secret room in the antique shop, and the gun & ammo needed to survive the zombie sequence)

When I get home after all this, there are a few scenes of Dylan thinking about stuff, and then the narrator says that there's a missing piece of information about the protagonist or something like that. And I have to restart the day.

I've tried doing things in different orders, and visiting other locations instead of Scotland Yard (though the inspector at least have some news for me, and there does not seem to be anything to do elsewhere).

Have anyone played the game recently enough to remember how to proceed here? It's kind of driving me crazy.
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Complete walkthrough (italian):
[ Show youtube player ]

Another walkthrough in 3 parts:
[ Show youtube player ]
[ Show youtube player ]
[ Show youtube player ]
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Sadly, none of those help. The complete walkthrough is just the start of the game, then the guy loads a savefile and reaches the endgame. Edit: Actually, I'm not sure what is happening in this one, but it seems to skip a lot of content including where I am stuck.

The other video just cuts ahead just before where I am stuck (at 3:40 in the last video). The following text is in Italian, though, does it say anything that seem relevant?

Edit 2: Hm, it seems these are from the PC-version, which is split in two parts? Weird, that does not seem to be the case for the Amiga version.

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Ok, I figured it out now! The switch between parts in the PC-version confused me, I didn't understand what happened there. It seems to skip some content that is in the Amiga version, too. But anyway, I *ahem* aquired the PC-version and started part two, and found that it starts just after the cemetary sequence. And it turns out that the correct way to proceed is to just stay in the office and not go anywhere. Then the phone will ring, and the story will continue.

So for anyone who are stuck, this is basically the walkthrough for that day:

1. Office
If you haven't already done so, grab the gun and ammo from the left drawer (ask groucho for key), the knife from the right. Then read everything that's in the bookcase on the right, especially the scotland yard stuff, which will give Dylan a hint that there is a secret entrance in the antiques shop.

2. Antiques shop
Pull the curtains, check the broken mirror. Manipulate the clock. Enter the secret room. I don't know if all interactions are needed, but you can manipulate the dead guy, and read some of the books. The thing that is probably the most important here is to pick up the piece of paper from the glass bowl. Examine it; it'll be identical to the one from the fireplace at the start. It'll give you a hint to go to the cemetary.

3. Cemetary
Shoot the zombies using the gun (aim for the heads). Use the knife to open the Croome tomb. Enter it. Manipulate the slab along the wall, get the iron rod or whatever. Use it to open the sarcophagus. Use the amulet on the monster that pops up. You should automatically pick up a note. When you try to leave the cemetary, Langford will appear. Don't bother asking him anything, just leave.

4. Office.
Now DON'T go anywhere. Click on the Craven Road sign to stay at the office. The phone will ring. Then follows a few cutscenes, and the day will successfully complete.

In other words, visit the antiques shop, the cemetary and nothing else. Despite the fact that you get new info at the police station, it is not what you're supposed to do on this day.
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