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Old 15 September 2020, 04:37   #4381
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Stuck on Odysseus Kosmos Episode 3
IE I am not fast enough to get keycard with magnet ?!?!
I pulled the cable --- so I can't be any faster --- Grrrr !

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Old 23 September 2020, 04:39   #4382
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Mass Effect 2

What happened to the Console ?

Hate the Mini Games --- So found a Mod that = Auto Success
It also does Planet Scans in One.

Why so much of the Ship Off Limits ?
With No Comment by Shepard ?
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Old 23 September 2020, 09:23   #4383
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Aquanox 1: Finished last week
Aquanox 2: In progress

Their 3D engine aged incredibly well. Back in the day, I was playing it on a 14" monitor, in 512x384, at a pretty horrible and borderline unplayable framerate.

Now I can finally enjoy it in sharp 1920x1080 on a 50" TV.

Too bad they didn't update engine of Archimedean Dynasty...
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I've been playing Mass Effect Andromeda for some time now, and all I can say - what a game and story. Game has quite different fighting style from rest of ME games, and 3 more alien races (one being only AI left) with many systems and planets to explore with very different atmosphere (from toxic rain and radiation to jungle and world that looks straight out of Dune). So far about 100 hours in the game and probably half done with main story line. (save state gives you estimate...) Got 3 planets to 100% viability, and 2 @ around 70-80%, at the moment enjoying side quests and learning about history behind those 2 new worlds.

Voice acting is top and visuals are just something out of this world... worth playing if you like science fiction and if you liked any earlier ME games.
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Contrarian, get with the program and hate on the game because everyone used to turn the crazy eyes into a meme. What was once hated must forever be hated. It is known.
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