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Ide on A2000 GVP accell card

Not getting any response now or boot up on my Gvp scsi card and hd boot sys.

I also have a GVP Accellerator 030 rev. 7 installed.
It has a 40 pin (male) Ide connector on it. I originally thought this was scsi.

How can I make this work as an autoboot compact flash or sd card hard drive?
Seems most Amiga setups like this use 44 pin.
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You need the Autoboot ROMs on it which your board may or may not have. Try to boot off of a Workbench floppy from a cli do:
version gvpat.device
See what it says.

Amiga.resource says it only supports 1024 cylinder drives, so you'd have to use a relatively small CF or SD card or maybe do some trickery with your drive geometry.

If you get this working then mostly any IDE-44 pin to IDE-40 pin adapter should work but it will probably be really slow.
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There are nice and cheap CF adapters for 40 pin IDE which fit into a card bracket so they're accessible from the outside.
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So my system has the GVP impact series 2 scsi card with a 1 gb Hd on it. There is no memory installed. My other card is the Gvp 030 Accellerator with 8mb installed.
Also have a Megachip 2mb in there.
Everything booted up fine , nice and fast at 50 mhz before. Now no boot except to floppy and when I do get to workbench no fast ram at all, no extra chip ram and using the gvp disks it doesnt see anything . No drives except df0 and df1(why only one drive in there) anyways...
It did do some type of diagnostics and found an fpu.

Could it be The Accellerator is toast not allowing the gvp impact to work or is the gvp impact card bad not allowing to see memory on accell card.

Or just a bad drive. Typing version gvpat.device ...could not open.
If this booted into 1.3 wb , would that affect it. Have 3.1 rom installed.

I hooked up the 10gb HD to the ide of the accellerator and no go, probably right, too large.
I am still not sure who is the culprit here for the scsi drive on gvp
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All of sudden after reconfiguring floppy drives everything comes back online.
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