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2000HD won't boot

Hi all,

I have a 2000HD that has been boxed up for a long time and I'm trying to boot it with no luck. I have forgotten most of what I knew about the Amiga, but here's the configuration as I remember it.

It has the 8088 XT bridgecard, an A2091 card with no memory chips on it.

I remember upgrading the processor to an 030 accelerator but I don't see that in the machine unless it's at the bottom under the drives. It seems like the original hard drive is not plugged in with any cable and I don't know why.

I also have a 32 meg miniscribe 8438 RLL drive and RLL controller on the PC side of the bridgecard.

Nothing seems to happen when I power up the machine. It makes a little noise and sounds like a drive is turning but then goes quiet. The screen just looks like it has power on the monitor but no colors come on at all.

Any ideas? I can take pictures and post them if this board allows it.

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Try to remove the expansion card, reseat all the chips on the motherboard and check the battery. Try to power up the computer with only a floppy drive attached. If it doesn't power up with only a floppy drive attached, the motherboard most likely needs repair or new custom chips.
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Yeah, try and strip it down to the bare minimum and test it again
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Also removing and refitting the custom chips may work
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Well, thank you all for the thoughts. The power supply seems good, there is power to the internal hard drive but I can't get the floppy light to come on. Also, the external floppy doesn't seem to have any power at all. I've taken out the CSA Derringer 030 (50MHz) card and placed the 68000 back into the motherboard but I can't get it to boot.

I noticed the cable going from the motherboard to the internal floppy has part of one of the pins broken off inside it from the motherboard place where it attaches. I don't know if the motherboard can be fixed or not. Would that prevent the floppy from booting? Isn't the external floppy supposed to have the red light on also?

Oh well, if you have any more ideas, please let me know.
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The missing pin is a key pin.

The floppy drive light is supposed to only come on while it's reading..?
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