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Here is my Youtube Channel with much Amiga stuff:


You can find there a longplay of Leander with all secrets [ Show youtube player ], a longplay of Chaos Engine with the best (team) score I know [ Show youtube player ] (got me the second place in the Super League competition for EAB in the Chaos Engine round) and quite some Amiga music compilations (in CD size of approx. 75-85 min) I made over the years until this years new years present with Best of Amiga Chip & Sample Music 4 (you can find there my Best of Amiga Sample Music 1 [ Show youtube player ] + 2 [ Show youtube player ] + 3 [ Show youtube player ], Chip & Sample Music 4 [ Show youtube player ], Best of Amiga Chip Music 1 [ Show youtube player ] + 2 [ Show youtube player ], and with a partial Amiga Content Best of Various Computer Music 1 [ Show youtube player ] and Best of Atari 800 & C64 Music 2 [ Show youtube player ] - I didnt upload my 2 TFMX compilations since a lot of the music is still for sale).
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Video Blog counting down to getting my Amiga

I've decided to do a count down video blog that will take me from now until the day I go to the UK and unbox my Amiga.

Feel free to follow along.

Episode 1: Amiga Format issue 003 (really an introduction to the story and what the blog will cover).
[ Show youtube player ]

Playlist (all future eps will be put in here in order):
[ Show youtube player ]

Channel (Still working on channel design as left over from NMS days lol):

This accompanies my story about re-buying the Batman Pack online.
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[ Show youtube player ]

Great polished vid about connecting an A500 to the internet and BBS'
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Hooooo Heavy Metal Shadow of the Beast

Sorry if this is a repost but this guys work is AMAZING!

Metal cover of SOTB music.

[ Show youtube player ]

[ Show youtube player ]

[ Show youtube player ]
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Glen M
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I have a separate thread for this so I'll just drop a channel link in here

CRG - Casual Retro Gamer


The channel is not 100% Amiga but the Amiga is probably my favorite machine so it does feature heavily. The early videos from last year are not the best quality but since coming back to it a month ago I have a new schedule and new equipment so quality has improved and content is more consistant.

Each Wednesday we have CRG Plays in which I play through a game giving my rambling review as we go. To date under the new schedule we have looked at Out Run and Chase HQ on the Master System and the Chaos Engine doom mod.


Each Saturday we take a look at some hardware be that a modification, review or repair (sorry attempted repair). To date under the new schedule we have started a repair of a Sharp MZ-700 computer, done a 50-60hz mod to my master system and taken a look at the new TF330 comparing it to the standard CD32 and the TF328.

Up coming hardware videos will include a refurb of my A1200 (works but needs love). The continuation of the repair of the Sharp MZ-700 (this weekends video, if parts arrive in time). Attempted repair of my 3D0 laser. And a few other bits. Gameplay reviews are just whatever randomly takes my fancy from my catalog of games. This weeks gameplay I'm going to have a go at Portal but not as you may think it.
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My main YouTube channel that reached 200K subscribers today has many Amiga and Retro videos, but when I polled the subscribers if I shall post gaming videos, most of them said No. So, I had to move all these Retro and Amiga videos to my second channel.

Currently my second channel is full with Retro and Rare games, covering Amiga, Apple II, CP/M, Macintosh, Oric, CoCo and many other cool platforms. The videos are sorted in playlists by platform. Recently I posted Prince of Persia 1 and 2 for Macintosh longplays (the best graphic wise versions so far), some public domain Amiga longplays, Oric, Apple II and Arcade longplay videos.

If someone is interested in rare and not so rare, but obsolete anyway games and platforms, the channel link is
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