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Apollo Team

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Originally Posted by Romanujan View Post
I only know about RiVA and this JPEG datatype, which is not even released to the public. Is there anything more?
Most Arti's ports, MilkyTracker, flype's P96 driver, Sam's Quake port, etc.

Originally Posted by Romanujan View Post
Can we download this jordan199b.jpg from somewhere?

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Ah, OK. I'm just not really interested in ports of Linux software (especially SDL ones) to Amiga - they are usually poorly done, work slowly (JIT emulation is the only possibility to get decent speed), and are often based on outdated code.

This datatype looks interesting, though. WarpJPEG 68040 on non-JIT UAE configuration gives me about 0.9s. I hope the Standalone or V1200 will get released eventually...
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GOLD2.7 WIP - FPU showcase with Cosmos Quake 1.10

[ Show youtube player ]
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Originally Posted by Overflow View Post
Beautiful Workbench you got there. I hope you plan to share it
Yep that looks really funky
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Old 10 February 2018, 12:32   #285
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Arts latest update to his Patreon page;


NetSurf has got now Ammx2 accelerated jpeg decoding.

Since it uses Ammx2 ,it is going to be released with Gold2.7 core.

(40% faster jpeg loading).

GnuBoy Ammx optimised version of GameBoy Color emulator.

(Works fully and faster than aminet version).

PocketSNES fully working Super Nintendo Entaritainment System emulator.

(Needs optimizations but simple games like Super Mario World are playable).

GnGeo NeoGeo SNK emulator.

(Fully working , needs optimisations ).

And a secret game.
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Old 12 February 2018, 10:25   #286
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Artur Jarosik's GOLD2.7 WIP - GnGeo portwork in progress (Partially optimised with AMMX2), video recorded by Tuko


[ Show youtube player ]
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APOLLO 68080 FPU Core article on Apollo Accelerators Public Wiki:


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This is pretty awesome for those who wanted FPU. It will certainly boost some productivity packages as well like 3D rendering software that takes advantage. Very exciting news. I wasn't too excited for GOLD v2.7 but I am now.

I also read on a comment thread via facebook that Hardware FPU for this generation of A500/A600 is Strictly for GOLD v2.7. Gold v3.0 will bring AGA and all graphics out the Digital Video port.

Current owners can easily switch between cores as needed.

However; both HWPFPU and full SAGA video will be available to GOLD v3.0 on Vampire v4.

This is due to space constraints on the current V500/V600 FPGA.

For me personally, I'll be on Gv3 most of the time once it's released.
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Apollo Team

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For the braves, GOLD2.7 PreRelease JIC :
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Old 03 March 2018, 13:31   #290
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And they just did a final release of GOLD 2.7:

It also includes an x12 core (the normal is x11) for the ones with boards/FPGAs that can handle the extra speed.

ApolloOS r48 looks to be released later today so lots of goodies this weekend
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